Take This Cup: February 21st


Psalm 25

My husband and I traveled to West Virginia for a trip, where the highest point in the state was only minutes away from our cabin. We planned this trip to see the millions of stars that were tucked away in the sky. It was breathtaking! What was most memorable about this trip, however, was this steep and twisty-turny hike we went on. When we saw it from the ground, the height of this hike made me think, “This is going to be so hard! Can I really do this??!” The Seneca Rocks trail felt completely vertical. I was nervous, but I wanted to reach the summit.

This passage took me back to the memories of this hike, and how the Lord had faithfully guided us to the top of the ragged rocks. My mind immediately pictured hiking up this trail with the Father by my side as a dear friend reminding me to laugh, breathe, to notice the small details of nature, to take a drink of water. A loving God leading us, path by path, and patiently waiting for our return when we choose to run a different way.

We sighed with joy and relief when we finally reached the top of Seneca Rocks! We were in awe of the blankets of mountains and how blue the sky could be. This passage made me think about beholding salvation in a similar way. As I journey, Jesus is the path and the summit that I long to understand, know, and lift up my soul to.

Jesus and the Psalms, N.T. Wright