Take This Cup: February 22nd


Luke  2:22-52

Here I am, 4:00am, waiting. Waiting for the smoke detectors to blast throughout the house for the seventh time since 1:00am. I thought sleeping anxiously, every night for eight straight months, knowing my two year old would barge through the bedroom door, yet again, screaming for me to only put her back into the very bed she just came from one more time, was rough.

What about you? Whether it’s waiting for that promotion, your infant to cry out in the night, your kids to get back in school, to get back in the community, or to reach out and touch your family, you’re waiting too.

Simeon of Luke 2:25, a man we don’t hear much about. He’s hardly the subject of that heartwarming Christmas story, so I bet you’ve missed him too. If you try to picture him, he’s likely old, he’s most certainly tired, and I’d venture to guess he’s angry, a little bitter, with faith on fumes. That picture has a piercing resemblance to me. Yup, he’s been waiting. Waiting for Israel’s “consolation”, but not just for Israel, for all of us.  

Simeon remains steadfast and proves, yet again, that all things lead back to Christ and the hope we have in the cross. Simeon hopefully waits and when he sees the baby Jesus: He knows it’s the Lord’s Messiah and he’s ready to die. In a way, he has lifelong taken up his cross and now found where it will rest. There’s no better way he sees himself going than in peace, knowing Christ has come, will die and will rise again.

So we WAIT. We wait in hope for the King to rise again. The King of love and truth. The truth to which we cling. So have hope, stick with truth, be at peace, and know the beeping ends at the cross. What is destined to be an ancient memory of cuddles from the terrified two and four year old, will be raised to reign supreme in my heart, mind, and soul forever.