Take This Cup: February 23rd


Luke 3

If you told me that I was preparing for a feast at the table of Christ, I would immediately start making lists. I would have a separate list for what would need to be set up, what I needed to bring, what my family would wear. These lists fuel efficiency but keep me laser focused on myself, my wants, my life instead of connecting with the needs of the people around me. The lists sum up what I need to do before I feel like I am ready to answer the invitation to this feast. 

I hear Luke challenging me to step away from the lists. Gently drawing my heart towards the table as he invokes images of fruit-bearing trees and stones rising up as children of Abraham who would join me at the table. My host doesn’t care if I’m perfectly prepared or in my pajama pants, He wants me present. 

So if I’m not looking at my lists, then what am I supposed to be looking towards? God (speaking through John) prompts me to prepare for the Messiah by looking to the needs of my neighbors, giving what I can to help them prepare for the feast. 

I’m praying that through Lent, I let go of the need to cross all the items off my lists. I need God’s eyes to see my neighbors and how I can meet their needs as we answer the invitation for a feast at the table.