Take This Cup: February 25th


Luke  5

Oh, how I relate to the purely human Peter in this passage; Just Saying, Jesus, this is my thing, I’ve already tried that, but if you insist! Bold confidence justified by training and experience.  I’m not a fisherman; but I’ve been in that boat!  Guilty of taking pride in my knowledge and/or experience and giving the same sort of response!  To become experts of one thing or another seems to be the aim of the world, the measure of our worth.  Yet silently without realizing it, that desire of worthiness often builds a conceited and prideful heart.  But Jesus, oh precious Jesus, how patient you are in teaching us that there is more than our understanding, that You are the great teacher, know the way and have chosen our boat! Not because we are more worthy, have the best boat, or are the most knowledgeable, but because there could be none of this without You! I love how you always speak our fear as our vision clears, and care to calm us.  Fear not, you say, having already known our sinful heart, I will not leave you.  In this time of COVID and division, I’m back in the boat pleading more often than I care to admit, coming face to face, like Peter, with the glaring reality of leaning on my own or others “Knowledge/Understanding” and not on You, and yet…here you are still, Lord. Teach me to leave the boat behind and Trust You!