Take This Cup: February 26th


Luke 6

When I read this I couldn’t help but think about the “Great Multitude” of people listening to Jesus. How quiet and attentive they must have been, hanging on His every word. How in awe they must have been to be hearing and receiving such radical blessings over them. Before continuing with this reflection would you position yourself in the same way? Allow yourself to fully receive what the Lord has for you in this passage of Luke and read it one more time. 

For me, it can be so easy to miss the beauty of this passage, Jesus completely flips what we consider success upside down. He speaks of a Kingdom of God with no conditions but belief in the power of Jesus. This is not only a passage of blessings and woes, I believe Jesus is making a promise to this crowd and to us today. His promise is not one of certainty. His promise then, today and forever is His presence in the midst of our sorrow and of our joy, God on our side. Would you join me today in reflecting on these questions:

What successes have you been chasing? 

What certainty are you searching for? 

Now church, join me in laying those things at the feet of Jesus. Be reminded that Jesus doesn’t require perfection or accomplishment from us. Be reminded that when we come to the end of ourselves we are blessed. Allow yourself to be in awe of the radical love of God and hold onto the beauty of that as you go on with your day!

Oh The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus

Audrey Assad, featuring Fernando Ortega