Take This Cup: February 27th


Luke 13:31-35

What better passage to give an English teacher than one that is all about irony? In Luke 13:31-35, we see the juxtaposition of the ultimate ironies of the journey of Jesus: that death is the penultimate step of his passage on this mortal coil and that he must die by Jerusalem. God’s only son, sent to save humankind, will find an early grave at the hands of the very people he is there to love; such anger and ultimate violence against Him occuring in the very place of habitation for God. Reflecting on these two realities, it brings to mind the many ironies in our own lives. Moments where we, as the flock of Jesus, seek not his ends, but Earthly endeavors. If anything else, my time in this pandemic has shown to me where my heart is found, as well as the hearts of others, illuminating many stark ironies. I’ve found myself caught in whirlpools of anger, felt the crushing vice of fear, and watched the twirling mental gymnastics of greed. While we must find hope in our hopeless times, we must also be wary of the pitfalls of such irony so that we may shed their fog like gossamer in morning, palling our vision. Reflect today on where these times have shown light on your personal ironies. Where has it been exposed that your life leads to the rulers of Earth and not the Conqueror of the Cross?