Take This Cup: March 1st


Luke 7:1-17 

As a high school senior, he excelled in jazz and marching band, always was on the academic honor roll, volunteered for community events, engaged with his church youth group, and enjoyed playing school and community league basketball. He had ten college acceptance letters. In his quiet confidence and humble demeanor, his friends and family adored and loved him. One day, his mother heard an odd sound come from an upstairs bathroom. It was as if someone had fallen. She found her son deceased on the bathroom floor. During the testimonial portion of the young man’s memorial service, there were many who spoke of their confused emotions. None could make sense of what had happened. In the time since this tragic event, a cause for this young man’s passing has still not been determined. 

As this is being written, an email has been received saying that a member of Fredericksburg’s homeless community died this morning. The guest was last seen coherent by a friend around 5 a.m. Shortly after, the guest lapsed into unconsciousness. He was rushed to the hospital. He could not be resuscitated. Why did this happen? 

In compassion and without explanation, Luke gives an account of Jesus simply telling a widow who had lost her son, “Don’t cry!” Jesus is not being short but, rather, Jesus is insisting that he understands what has happened and that he will fully be able to handle the situation. 

In a huge leap of faith, it can be known that with Jesus, all will work out.