Take This Cup: March 10th


Luke 11:1-28

Does my prayer life reflect a desire to glorify God or myself? 

When I first read Luke 11 1-28 I was struck by the multitude of teachings from Jesus in this one chapter. I spent days pouring over them trying to find a connecting thread. 

I found one: “Am I only looking to glorify myself”? 

In my own prayer life I’m often asking to accomplish things that I think are good, right or fair. At first glance (or in my case 1000 glance) the Lord’s Prayer is a simple “how to” pray guide straight from Jesus’ mouth. But upon further inspection there’s so much more! I read it in multiple versions (The Message, NIV and NIRV). What struck me is how much these versus were all about relying on God for His provision and that sometimes the thing that I need to be saved from the most is myself. I use prayer and privilege as a way to mold the world the way I want it to be instead of seeking Him to show me His ways. 

Directly after the Lord’s Prayer Jesus tells the story about persistence. Again, it looks like an easy “how to” guide for getting what you want.  I’m a fighter, a dig in your heels and make things happen kind of person but I lack that boldness and persistence with God.  How much more would he do with me I was willing to surrender to him, to fervently ask for the Holy Spirit to guide me the way I’ve been instructed through the Lord’s Prayer? I need to be audacious in my prayer life, and willing to keep at it for as long as it takes.