Take This Cup: March 11th


Luke 11:29-53

If able, light a candle for this devotional. Take a moment to center yourself on Jesus. Let go of those worries and cares. Jesus, Emmanuel, is here. Here in this moment, and in all those that have and will come to pass. Let His presence be a comfort.

Jesus, thank you for your life, which is our light (John 1:4).  

We don’t kindle a light to conceal it, we do so to let it shine. Jesus is not meant to be hidden, He is meant to be on display in and through us. 

Based on the Greek word for “eye” in verse 34, “ophthalmos,” I think that the writer is referring to the eye of our minds. Our thought life can be life-giving or life-taking. Thoughts inform our decisions, and unintentionally or not, they can lead and direct us. This is why Paul talks about taking our thoughts captive and submitting them to Christ. When our hearts and our minds are illumined and transformed by His light, He is the one informing our decisions. His light guides and directs us.

When God is our vision, our hearts become illumined with His light. We are filled with His Holy Spirit and His life. When our vision is anything else, we feel the deep or shallow grip of darkness. 

Let verse 35 be a warning to us. We need to take care that the light we perceive to be in us is not, in fact, darkness. When Christ lives in us, our path and our life become a lot simpler as we are illuminated by the light of Christ… just as when flame brings light in darkness.

Lord, may Your love abide in us and fill us to the fullest measure, with all the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:16-19). Amen.

Blessings in Christ brothers and sisters.

Abide with Me

Audrey Assad