Take This Cup: March 12th


Luke 12:1-34

I used to run several miles a day. On a sunny afternoon run, I felt an intense stinging sensation in my knee. That didn’t stop me. Day after day I ran hoping the sting would go away. Several doctor appointments later, it was unclear what was wrong, but the prescription was to try walking instead. Blerg. I didn’t want to walk. Walking is slow and boring…so I thought. It took some getting used to, but walking soon became my new hobby. Turns out my running, even through pain, was my own prescription. My anxieties were subdued on a run.

Fast forward to present day and my walks are now a sweet time that is quiet, no podcasts, no music. I have found a peace with the Lord in my slower paced miles. The Lord is with me on these walks, and we’ve developed a new friendship because of them. I don’t necessarily see the lilies of the field, or the ravens not sowing or reaping, but I saw an incredibly large red headed woodpecker the other day. I’ve witnessed sunrises the color of fluorescent highlighters in my office, I’ve encountered people with kind smiles, big hellos and friendly dogs. I’ve learned to approach anxious thoughts with care on these walks and experienced my Father’s kingdom on these Fredericksburg roads and in my own heart.  

What makes you anxious? What brings you peace? Take a minute and write it out, or maybe even take a walk and share it with your Father, he’s listening and he loves you.

Lord bring peace to my sisters this morning, bring peace to my brothers. Let us, your little flock, experience your unending love and your new mercies today. Amen.