Take This Cup: March 13th


Luke 15:1-3

“Good evening, gentlemen.  I can see you’re grumbling about something, what’s going on?

“This two-faced man Jesus, with no authority, dares to lecture us about righteousness while all the time rubbing elbows with those notorious sinners. Oh, and who are you, calling us grumblers?”

“Sorry.  I’m new around here, how do you know those folks are so bad?”

Snorts, “You must be blind as well as a stranger. They collect taxes from us for our pagan oppressors and they can’t even do that honestly.” 

“Well, it’s hard to argue that’s not bad.”

“The whole bunch constantly shows their contempt for authority and for what’s right.”

“Whose authority?”

“…And this man Jesus – he’s beginning to represent everything that’s wrong with this society. He’s joined the other side against us.” 

“How do you recognize the “other side”?

“They’re opposite from us in everything! We uphold the highest and best in our culture.  They’re only interested in themselves and only about what they want; never about what’s right. Jesus and these people have no respect at all. He raises what is obviously degraded and inferior, like these people, to an exalted position.  He acts like they are his friends. Where will it stop”?