Take This Cup: March 14th


Psalm 22

“He has done it.” 

Such a simple word: “it.” But there’s so much wrapped up in that short, everyday word. God conquered death with Christ’s sacrifice. He saved us. From a life lost, ruled by despair.

So why does it feel like I constantly need to hear those truths from God? His simple promises. Because it doesn’t feel simple. “It” feels like the hardest thing to believe, remember and center my life around. 

Far too many times, my mind is gripped by this sinking feeling that God’s promises are somehow not true. That this world we live in is broken beyond repair with no hope for redemption. That we’re surrounded by selfish people, filled with hate, looking to take care of themselves no matter the cost. And that I fit in perfectly with the rest of them.  

Picturing David in such a dark place, in a dark time that feels too familiar, and hearing his heartache resonates with me. But in the midst of his pain, David remembers God’s promises: that the world belongs to God. 
So in spite of my own pain, tiredness, and fears I must hold on to who God is and what he has done. That God cares for us and our pain and suffering. That He hears us. That He has already conquered death. And He will give us life. And joy. And peace.