Take This Cup: March 15th


Luke 12:35-59

Thinking back to last March, two weeks of “lockdown” sounded doable. Of course now, a year later, here we are. I wonder how we would have prepared differently had we known this would be a life and lifestyle changing reality? 

Preparing for a two week lockdown takes a trip to the grocery for the essentials, canceling a couple of dinner dates and making sure the Netflix subscription is up to date. Preparing for the year we never saw coming takes a mind shift and a heart shift. 

This passage speaks to the readiness required as you never know when the master is going to return. The vigilance required to be in a constant state of readiness seems daunting. Who wants to be on pins and needles making sure the house is in perfect order for the master’s arrival? 

Most years I’ve looked at Lent as sort of a two week lockdown. There’s something to give up, some extra attention to pay to some area of spiritual significance. None of us knew how much we were going to give up for Lent last year. Maybe last year’s Lent is what we needed to give us a forced mind and heart shift, a new perspective about what it means to be ready. 

Maybe the best way to be ready for the master’s return is to live like the master is already here.