Take This Cup: March 2nd


Luke 7:18-28

By the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020, our family had decided to switch churches, end a relationship with an organization we were deeply devoted to, and accept the foster care placement of a 16-year-old girl.  By June, we were knee deep in a pandemic (with me as an ICU nurse and my husband in a leadership position in the fire department), adopted our first dog, and were petitioning for the custody of a second 16-year-old girl.  Time was limited, emotions were high, and energy was low.  Each day became about survival.  There were days when I questioned what we were doing and if this was really God’s plan.  I learned to see God in the sunrise, the “timed just right” social worker visit, the lives of dying people, and the people I had the privilege to see each day.

As I look at John’s response to Jesus being in town, I see myself.  John’s question, “Are you the one we’ve been waiting for?” resonates with my thoughts of “Is this God, or me hoping it’s God?”.  John didn’t run to see Jesus for himself.  Maybe he was busy, tired, or afraid of the answer.  Instead, he chose to send his friends with instructions to find out if He was indeed the Messiah, or if we should keep looking. 

Sometimes we are too tired, weary, scared, or broken to ask for ourselves.  Sometimes we need a friend to be the one to intercede for us, support us, and help us verify, “Is this God or should we keep looking?”   I am grateful for the friends who made me get up for morning walks, made us meals, encouraged us with the “Yes you are doing God’s work” and the ones who were willing to say, “I think you need help”. 

I Wonder As I Wander

Audrey Assad