Take This Cup: March 4th


Luke 8:40-56

The night I was sent this passage, I read the first paragraph and cried. THIS was the passage I was supposed to read? I was angry at God that out of the entire Bible, this was the section I was given. I couldn’t even get through it at first. I had just spent the majority of that day with my daughter at the doctor and getting testing done. I was anxious, scared, and snuggling with my baby after a hard day. I knew the story-I knew the daughter was healed. But it was hitting too close to home. I had been praying for my child, for her to be healthy. And what I was hearing from God was, “surrender your child to me.” I had been fighting against that. I wanted to hear that she was fine, that I did not need to worry. I wanted to control the situation. And then He smacked me with this passage-there was no ignoring it: surrender. Surrender myself, my anxieties, my child. “Don’t be afraid-just believe, and she will be healed.” To have that kind of faith, to give up the false but comforting feeling of control, is easier said than done. Jairus surrendered to Him completely, and Jesus proved his power is complete. Today, I pray a prayer of surrender.