Take This Cup: March 8th


Luke 9:37-62

The young girl’s voice on the other end of the phone sounded hopeful as she asked, “Do you still have Golden Retriever puppies for sale? My mom and dad said I could have one if I learned about them and saved up my money. I read a book about Golden Retrievers and two books on how to take care of and train puppies. But would you take less money for one? I  only have 58 dollars and I have been saving for a long time. I would give everything I have if you would sell me one of your puppies.” 

That long ago phone call came to mind as I read these verses from Luke. “I would give everything I have…” But would we really? In Luke 9: 37-56 it seems clear that the faith of the disciples was weak and without faith they could not do the work that was given them by Jesus. They did not comprehend what Jesus was telling them about his purpose and his ministry. They still seemed to think in terms of an earthly ministry and where they may fit into that Kingdom.

I would give all to follow you, Jesus.

Starting in verse 57 Jesus gives us a warning of what that may mean. Like the disciples, my faith may be weak, and I do not always understand. What does it cost to follow Jesus? A good question that I need to live with every day.  

PS:  After talking with her parents, this young girl got her puppy!