Take This Cup: March 17th


Luke 14 

Idolatry: Letting your Discipleship Become Worse than Manure.

Today’s devotional focuses on counting the cost of discipleship and our commitment to the Lord. A call to hate family or hate yourself seems, at best, upside down. At its root, this message is an indictment of what we are so prone to do; put something before God. Whether it is our family, ourselves, our job, our country, or even loving others, the first commandment is to have no other Gods before Him (Exodus 20:3). Luke 14:27 goes on to make clear that this is not just an intellectual exercise but a daily commitment to a not-so-easy road. In verse 33, Jesus sums up the point. He explains that not being willing to give up things of this world or be in full commitment to Him is as silly as not thinking or planning for a major project or battle. What’s more, if you let your personal salt (i.e., flavor, fervor, true priorities) fade, your salt is more useless than manure.  

Over the past decade, our family has been striving to replace our pursuit of the “American Dream” with a desire to better invest in and welcome people at our table (verse 13). To be clear, this is not just giving away material things or sacrificing “stuff”; for us it is sharing our own brokenness alongside others and staying committed to the call we’ve been given even when that requires us to let go of safety, security, understanding and control.

Today, take stock of where you are and what your time and finances say your priorities are. Consider if anything needs to change in order to have your priorities in line with a Luke 14 worldview.