Take This Cup: March 19th


Luke 16 

Luke 16 presents us with an image of the shrewd manager. What I find interesting is that he was declared “shrewd” after he had mismanaged his duties, been fired from his job, and only returned a percentage of what was owed to his boss. This story speaks grace to me.

I once made the comment that the concept of the American dream was the worst thing ever created. Curveball, but hear me out… From childhood a model of life was laid out in front of me with milestones all neatly lined up to monitor my progress. College– check. House – check. Family – check. Yeah, the model included church and God too, but it was reduced to – Attended church – check. You want me to commit to something beyond warming a seat at church!? Pffffft!

Then one day in my early 30’s God walked in and asked me, “Hey, Paul! Let me see the books! How are you managing my time? My money? My (fill in your arbitrary milestones)?” … like a ton of bricks. I realized my spiritual past was scraps of what it could have been.

Culture will tell you what you are supposed to be and how to be it. We have squandered so much for its sake. We have lost opportunities to be a blessing and be blessed because of all of the time, money, friendships, relationships, and more that we have wasted. There is no going back. It cannot be recovered. But Hear This! By the grace of God we can still be called shrewd!

For those younger than I, you have an awesome opportunity to get it right from the start, and for those equally or more mature, your past is your past, but God’s grace never ceases! I pray that we can all refocus on managing God’s resources on a day by day basis to make sure our entire life speaks to His glory, and not based on what culture perceives as a life well spent.