Take This Cup: March 20th


John 12:1-8

Whenever I read this story, I always think of the expense of the perfume. Like Judas, I question the value of spending about a year’s salary on a single moment.  But this time, I noticed that this story takes place after Jesus has raised Lazarus from the dead. That changes everything. 

I lost my father three years ago. During periods of grief, I would have given anything to have him back. Just one more dinner together at a restaurant. One more hug. Just a chance to say goodbye. Mary and Martha felt the loss of their brother Lazarus, but their prayers were answered. They had not just a chance to say goodbye, but a lifetime with him. 

If I were Mary, and I could have my father back, I’d be anointing Jesus with everything I could find. But here’s the thing — we’ve all lost this year. We’ve lost loved ones, jobs, hopes, dreams and maybe Jesus restored them, or maybe he didn’t. But Jesus has restored lives from the dead — yours and mine. He has taken my broken and apathetic heart and given it new life in him. He restores my life daily, and that alone should be enough for me to sit at his feet giving him everything I have.

When my heart is full of His love, I don’t care about money. I don’t care about wasted time or what is still lost. The Lord sustains me and I see the beauty of sitting in his grace. I pray that today you can sit at his feet in thankfulness of what he has restored in your life.

Even Unto Death

Audrey Assad