Take This Cup: March 22nd


Luke 17

Leprosy is a disease originated from Eastern Africa and spread with successive human migration. A leper is a person, avoided or rejected by others for moral or social reasons Lepers are sufferer, sick person, or outcast. The word “outcast” really hit home.

I was born into a family who had difficulty conceiving, which made me the one and only. As a child I was of small stature and was quite shy unless interacting with adults.  My Mother had visions of how the world should see me and prided herself on my uniqueness; to include Rapunzel-like hair.  As a teenager I did not want to stand out with long, curly, brown hair. Her good Intention of making me “not like everyone else” promoted feelings of rejection and being an outcast.

Although silly now, I remember the intense feeling of loneliness as a teen. No girl wants to hear “it’s not a pony- tail, it’s a horse’s mane” when referencing her hairstyle. Currently, I enjoy shorter hair, avoiding any animal reference whatsoever.  What dividing issues from your childhood haunt you today?

Fast forward to 2021. Whether it be social injustice, political preference, bias, sexism, or ableism, I am reminded that each one of us is facing feeling like an outcast. Our focus is on our differences. Regardless of personal beliefs, there is always someone left out, made to be the outcast. Additionally, COVID 19, much like leprosy has created paralyzing fear for all. We do have choices though.  Remember, the leper, who gave thanks, was both physically and spiritually healed. Will we show our gratitude for small things that unite, or will our differences continue to divide us?   I prefer gratitude which is accessible to all human beings.

The Book of Job