Take This Cup: March 23rd


Luke 18

One of my many, many faults is that I am too consumed by the outward, external things of life. Whether it’s how I look, what I do, how I come across, or what I own, all of that seems to occupy far more time and far more energy than what I put into cultivating the inward components of my life. I would love to be relieved of playing the comparative game that all too often distracts me from honoring and living out the love I have for the Lord Jesus. Better yet, how much more worthy would my time be dwelling on the love that the Lord Jesus has for me? 

My identity, however, particularly as a Jesus follower, is built solely around the fact that I am known and loved by God, and that I will love and serve Him with all my heart, soul, and strength. That awesome truth is enough. It’s enough for you, it is enough for me, and any other distraction or identification that we tether our lives to contributes to the problem instead of the solution. 

With whom do you identify in this parable? How are Jesus’ words addressing the needs of the moment, both inside this section of scripture and in your own life? What is the Lord Jesus saying to you about your inward life?