Take This Cup: March 25th


Luke 20

I was never very political. I still wouldn’t say that I am… but my interest has certainly grown as events unfolded in recent months. If there was any doubt in our minds that our nation was deeply divided before the pandemic hit, well, let’s just say the veil has been torn away in magnificent fashion. Racial tensions. Rioting. A contested election. Rioting. Wear a mask. Don’t wear a mask. If you read the news, you’re bound to come away angry at someone or something.

We see the seeds of division in these passages as well. I want to think that the chief priests and scribes meant well. I want to believe that they were just zealous for God. Perhaps it was that way for a time. Yet somewhere along the line all of that got twisted. Through these pages we see the ugly transformation as it progresses — to the point where they couldn’t see the truth even when it was standing right in front of them. To the point that they put to death the truth, to serve their own ends, so the parable goes.

It’s a bit frightening to think that these were the religious leaders of the day! If they failed so spectacularly, what chance do I have? Am I subtly being led astray as they were?I worry too about our culture, our nation, our churches. Will Jesus confront them as he did the religious leaders of his time? Would they be receptive? Would I be receptive?