Take This Cup: March 26th


Luke 21

Rise early in the morning to hear Jesus in the temple of my heart. (Luke 21:38, my paraphrased resolution and prayer)

In essence, this is my New Year’s Resolution.  More specifically it is to wake up, get up early, and kneel in solitary prayer every morning.  A resolve to build habit and make Jesus more and more a part of my routines and daily ordinary life.  Do I always hear Jesus?  No.  Do I always sense his presence?  No.  Have I failed in my resolve?  Yes.  But Christ’s great love for us all seems to be such a compelling force that I actually made a resolution to get up early to hear Jesus. 

I like to think that to get up early to hear Jesus will drown out all that worldly and Satanic noise that goes on all around us which seemed especially noticeable in 2020.  Noise that deceives and causes great fear to the point of keeping us from fixing our eyes on Jesus, losing hope in Christ, and abandoning the faith.  To hear Jesus will not pass away for his words will always remain.  
So, I encourage you to read Hebrews 12 but I leave you with verse 25: See to it that you don’t resist the one who is speaking. If the people didn’t escape when they refused to listen to the one who warned them on earth, how will we escape if we reject the one who is warning from heaven? (Hebrews 12:25, CEB)