Take This Cup: March 27th


Luke 22:1-23, 49

Every night I fight the urge to yell and speak harshly towards my two toddler-aged daughters to hurry up and get ready for bed faster. Sometimes this impulse becomes a reality, I lose control, and then look back with disdain and ask myself, ‘What happened?’ ‘Why did I yell or say it that way and not make a gentler, calmer plea?’ And I can honestly say that in those moments I feel like I am no longer in charge of my own self. A critical mass of anger and frustration is reached and I opt for the choice of parenting in anger. It would seem that certain things tip the scales (my fatigue level, frustration, etc.), and after reading this passage in Luke, I’m curious if Satan’s voice is in my ear in those moments. 
Why does Satan ‘enter into Judas’? Was Judas already debating betraying Jesus, and Satan tipped the scales? John Piper explains that “Satan is always aiming to destroy our faith, but Christ magnifies his own power in our weakness.” And so I would say that for Judas, the temptation must have already been there, for whatever he thought he stood to gain. For me, in my weak moments of parenting, Satan seemingly tries to frame my mindset towards failure, when in reality I can only ever be a good parent because of Christ, and not because of anything I do. Piper states that “the point is that Christ sovereignly accomplishes his loving, purifying purpose by overruling Satan’s destructive attempts.” What is Christ accomplishing in your life, despite Satan’s attempts?