Take This Cup: March 29th


Luke 22:54-65

After years of observing patients for signs of distress, I’ve learned to Look Closely for small changes.

In Luke 22:56, a young girl Looks Closely at Peter and even through the haze of courtyard fire, recognizes him as one who was with Jesus.

Someone else around the fire that evening remembered Peter as one of Jesus’s followers. That person was also Looking Closely.

A third person later asserted after Looking Closely that Peter certainly was with Jesus, the man from Galilee.

Even though Peter became increasingly agitated each time he denied these human observations, his defenses finally crumbled after the Lord himself Looked Closely and straight through Peter.

Sometimes, as a nurse, I’ve been privileged to see positive signs of healing and I’m encouraged that the Lord continued, as Scripture tells us, to Look Closely at Peter and offer him the opportunity to boldly declare, as a healed and forgiven disciple, that “You are the Christ – the Son of the living God” (Matthew 16:16).

I pray, especially this year, that the Lord will continue to Look Closely at us who profess to be His followers.