Take This Cup: March 30th


Luke 22:66-23:1

I cannot imagine what Jesus must be feeling at this point. He gave up the comforts of heaven for an uncomfortable life on earth. His life was never easy.  But now, after three years of teaching, leading, and loving his people, things appear to really have gone awry. His followers are gone.  A “friend” has betrayed him.  His other friends have deserted him.  His best friend has denied any knowledge of him.  He is alone.  He is enduring a “trial”, led by men who are entrusted with teaching and enforcing God’s trustworthy”, “perfect”, and “delightful” law.  But these religious leaders are bending, breaking, and ignoring his father’s law, to eliminate a threat to their power.  The mental and emotional blows just keep coming.  From an earthly perspective, Jesus’ life has completely fallen apart.  Most people in his position would be upset, to say the least. Jesus is not.  He still seems calm, unruffled, and in control. I’m sure Jesus knows that soon enough, the physical blows will begin.  And, I think he knows that this will end only with torture, crucifixion, and death. If I understand the wilderness temptation story, Jesus had a choice.  He could have ended things at any point. And yet… He didn’t.  Jesus endured our uncomfortable earth, lived with our abandonment, accepted the mental, emotional, and soon to come physical anguish – because he loved us.  Because he loved me.   Because he loved you.