Take This Cup: April 1st


Luke 22:14-38

“A dispute also arose among them as to which of them was considered to be greatest.”

What strikes me today about this passage today is not the beauty of Jesus washing his disciples feet and sharing his last Passover meal with them. Rather, it’s that the disciples immediately turn from this meal to arguing about who among them is the greatest.

I was the youngest of three boys growing up, and I have several memories of sitting in my mom’s lap and experiencing the love of a mother for her baby son. However, many of those memories also include me taking advantage of those moments to ask/pressure my mom into admitting that I was indeed her favorite son. For some reason it was not enough for me to be loved, I had some innate desire to also be the greatest. Maybe that desire comes from believing I need to be the greatest if I am to be greatly loved.

But the truth is that God in Christ loves me because of who he is, not who I am. 

As I remember Christ today, how he offered his broken body for me and loved me unto death, can I rest in his love? Can I release the desire to prove that I deserve love, and instead let his love spur me to wash the feet of my neighbor?