Take This Cup: April 3rd


Luke 23:50-56

How fitting a time to reflect on Christ work after the cross. Often the Church takes this Holy Day to fast and focus on the work of Christ from the grave.  Today,  I encourage you to recognize your need to fill silence with sound and stillness with activity.  Whatever you may use to distract you from the grief at hand, or the joy to come.   

As you have read in today’s reading, those following Jesus for the first time in three years of His ministry, having seen his miracles, heard His teachings and being embraced by God himself, now see their Hope removed from a cross. Dead! 

Joseph of Arimathea, despite being a member of the council (those who participated in putting Christ on the cross in the first place), stands true to his beliefs in Christ. He takes part in the gruesome work of taking the bloodied body of Jesus down off the cross and places Him safely in a tomb in preparation for burial ritual.   

Now what?  In our silence and seeing the cross empty and the grave full, what do we do?  Do we speculate?  Do we give into our anxiety and fears?  Do we search for truth where truth is tainted? 

Or, do we remember?  Remember what Christ has taught us and done in our lives and the promises He has made.  This is our truth! I know it’s hard.  I lose sight all the time and willingly ride the rollercoaster of half truths and lies as to what is right and what is wrong.  And hating those who see truth differently. 

Please! Please!  On this Holy Day, join me in burying the hate of others! Forgive those who may be a part of something you’ve at one point hated over the past year; who perhaps has done the dirty work of taking Christ off the cross… and finally, forgive yourself.  Christ wants it this way.  He took on death and spent time in the grave so we could do this and be completely His. Surrender to the soon to be Risen Son of God!  Amen!