Take This Cup: April 4th


Luke 24:1-12

During our marriage counseling Jen and I decided that we would wait a year until we would have kids. We got married. Three months later we were surprised to find out Jen was pregnant. Let’s just say things didn’t go as planned. Koen was ready to join our new family and we had to make lots of adjustments. Silas made things worse. We stopped making plans. Certain events have a way of changing the trajectory in our lives. Consider the impact of graduating, getting a job, getting married, having kids or losing a loved one. But even in the midst of transition you eventually adjust to the new rhythm. This is true for children in virtual classrooms and for parents working from home. Some adjustments take longer but sooner or later we learn to move on. We learn to expect and adapt to life’s defining moments.

The resurrection is not one of those events. It stands opposed to our conformity. The women who came to the tomb expected to find the body of Jesus. Instead they found an empty tomb. Then there was the sudden appearance of the angels. The announcement that Jesus had risen turned their world upside down. He was alive! The resurrection disrupted their understanding of life and death. This realization stirred both hope and fear. Death had no power over Jesus. What began three days ago in utter hopelessness turned into a cosmic reversal. Sin and death were overcome through Jesus’ earthly body. His sacrifice on the cross initiated God’s renewal for all creation. God was making all things new. In the empty tomb grief turned into indescribable joy. For the women and Peter it was a glimpse of the living hope we have in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Life as they knew it was now filled with the grandeur of God’s love and the mystery of the cross. Jesus’ mission was fulfilled on the cross for our sake that we might live in the newness of life. The gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. Jesus is risen!

Once we reach the empty tomb there’s no turning back. To live according to the world in fear and darkness is to stay in the tomb. Jesus calls us to live courageously through the pain and tears. We are invited to live in the light as he is in the light. On this Easter Sunday may Jesus fill your heart with never-ending joy. Will you allow the risen Savior to interrupt each morning, to live with the anticipation of God’s power to raise us daily to new life?