Take This Cup: April 5th


Luke 24:13-35

Have you ever lost hope? Has there been a time in your life when you really thought something was going to go one way and then it didn’t? When I was little I was sure I was going to go to college, get married right after, teach for a few years, then stay at home to raise some kids. That did not happen and for a while I definitely lost hope. I was so sure God had told me clearly that a husband and family were in my future and yet I was getting older… and older…  In hindsight, God’s timing was beautiful, but at the time I did not always trust that.  
This story in Luke is pretty much the ultimate let-down, the ultimate loss of hope. In this passage we watch two followers having an intense discussion about what just happened. Their supposed Messiah was dead and it is then they lost hope. But in his great love, Christ met them on the road. As they walked together discussing the perceived failure of their Messiah, their risen Messiah appeared and walked with them. Finally, breaking bread with Jesus opens their eyes to who He is and what He has done. They could again rejoice in hope and truth as they saw the risen Lord before them, not as they thought he would be, but just as he needed to be to bring forth true hope. Consider any hope you have lost lately and look to Christ as he is for restoration. In this Lenten season, break bread with Jesus and move forward in hope, friends.