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What does “the right” mean in the sentence?

Reading “The Invention of Lying” by Christopher Lasch, he writes

In The Right to Have Rights, Foucault considers the right to have rights a form of the right to have the truth: you can have the right to be believed, the right to speak, the right to be understood, but not the right to lie. The right to have rights, on the other hand, entails the right to be believed, to speak, to be understood, and to lie.

My question is about the part which he marked as the right to be believed, spoken, understood, and lied. I could not understand what right means here. Does it mean “the right to do” or “the right to have” or something else?


The passage is not using “right” as a noun, but rather as a relative pronoun, or a preposition “in”.
“In The Right to Have Rights” has nothing to do with rights per se, but is a philosophical analysis of human rights and the moral rights.
In a nutshell, Foucault is saying that if you accept human rights as a given, you’ll recognize that all people have a right to their own truth – the right to tell the truth about themselves and the right to have others accept their truth. But the right to lie is not a given – if the truth is considered a human right, then the right to lie is a human right only to the extent that you have the right to have the truth believed.


It is another way of saying “the right of one who can do what they want”
You can “do” things because you 0cd6e936a3

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Shred was reviewed by Vasily Tishchenko on Thursday, July 13, 2015Q:

git pushing to master issue

I am a newbie in using git. I have a project on github, in which I cloned it on my local machine and I have made some changes and I have made changes locally. I don’t want to commit it so I did,
git commit -m “Sample commit message”

Now I have done something with this branch,
git checkout -b newbranch

Then I have done some more changes,
git commit -m “Another commit”

I wanted to push it to master branch so I did this,
git push origin newbranch

I get the error,
error: src refspec newbranch does not match any.
error: failed to push some refs to’ssh://’

I even tried a couple of commands like,
git push origin newbranch:master
git push origin newbranch

Nothing seems to work.
I want to push these changes on master to github. How should I push these changes to master?


Your error says it all, you don’t have a branch newbranch, you have a branch newbranch1.
If you want to do an “update” to master you can do it like this.
git checkout master
git branch -u newbranch

That will create a new branch called newbranch that is identical to master except that it is at revision newbranch1.
If you have made changes to newbranch1 then you would need to do a rebase to take these changes into master.

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