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· The plugin gives you the ability to switch between stereoscopic formats (2D/3D)
· The plugin automatically detects and render 3D subtitles
· The plugin also display your stereo 3D TV and monitors in your config window
· It can be skinned to match your media player

The requirement was to display the thumbnails of all videos in a folder in a slideshow. This had to be done with Windows Media Player. I was able to achieve this using vlc slideshow ( But when I checked the option in windows media player, it was not able to do this. Is there a way to achieve this in WMP? Please help. Thanks in advance.

I want to add some way to create a folder hierarchy based on the content of MP3 files using an external script.
This script should take the directory as a parameter and output the contents of each directory into a new MP3 file.

I would like a web site with a MP3 player.
The MP3 files will be of the format:

Please let me know what template files I need to add to my template and how the plugin will work for the website. I’m fairly confident that the plugin will work.Q:

DB2 V10.5 setting DATE format “YYYYMMDD” with time/HH:MM:SS

Using DB2 10.5 (LINKed), I’ve created a VARCHAR date/time column using the following syntax:
ColumnName Type Format
———– ——————- ————————————–

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* change3d[0]* – change the format of the stereoscopic video
* change3d[1]* – change the format of the stereoscopic video
* change3d[2]* – switch the image format
* change3d[3]* – switch the image format
* switch[0]* – switch the image format
* switch[1]* – switch the image format
* match[0]* – only if the video format has a stereoscopic letterbox
* match[1]* – only if the video format has a stereoscopic letterbox
* remove[0]* – remove the stereoscopic letterbox
* remove[1]* – remove the stereoscopic letterbox
* rotate[0]* – the video is rotationally flipped
* rotate[1]* – the video is rotationally flipped
* flip-left[0]* – the video is flipped horizontally
* flip-left[1]* – the video is flipped horizontally
* flip-right[0]* – the video is flipped horizontally
* flip-right[1]* – the video is flipped horizontally
* swap[0]* – swap the left and right image
* swap[1]* – swap the left and right image
* stereo[0]* – there are no stereoscopic image
* stereo[1]* – there are no stereoscopic image
* srcs[0]* – list all the sources which need to be read
* srcs[1]* – list all the sources which need to be read
* enqueue[0]* – whether to queue the video
* enqueue[1]* – whether to queue the video
* notif[0]* – whether to show a notification
* notif[1]* – whether to show a notification
* notif-time[0]* – specify when the notification should be shown
* notif-time[1]* – specify when the notification should be shown
* notif-type[0]* – specify the type of the notification
* notif-type[1]* – specify the type of the notification
* notif-title[0]* – specify the title of the notification
* notif-title[1]* – specify the title of the notification
* notif-text[0]* – specify the text of the notification

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· Download codecs: Codecs are required to decode and encode media content.
· Download keys: Some 3DTVs and capture devices will not decode a stereoscopic file with an incorrect set of keys.
· 3D settings: The plugin stores the active stereo setting and will re-activate it if the active setup is changed
· Rendering Settings:
· Use fast rendering mode: This is the default.
· For video rendering mode
· Use fast video: This mode uses no more resources.
· For TV rendering mode
· Use fast TV: This mode uses less memory and is more efficient.
· For the Stereoscopic plugin.
· Have a 3DTV compatible with the plugin: This setting is very important.
· On and off the detection of letterboxes
· Add a subfolder to the MediaPortal library
· Set the default Stereoscopic format on each video: The format is set on all new files and will remain set for all the media content that uses this format.
· Allow only one instance of the plugin to be running.
· Use the settings and memory already installed on your computer.
· The plugin also includes other modules such as 3D video metadata
· The plugin is translated in more than 40 languages.
· To translate the plugin to your language in a few minutes.
· For more information:

What is new in this release:
· Version 1.2.8
· Translation updates for German, Czech and French
· Add support for EPMP3D codecs 0.5.3, 0.6.0 and 0.7.0
· Add hardware acceleration on Android
· Fix crash issue when trying to quit the plugin
· Fix issues with TV mode on android
· Fix setting stereo key using H.264 encoding profile

MP3D is a MediaPortal plugin designed to provide the means to render Stereoscopic 3D media content.
Using the plugin, the following are possible:
· Switch from one stereoscopic format to another
· Experience 3D without the need of a 3DTV (using cheap coloured glasses)
· Render stereoscopic 3D subtitles
· Detect and remove Letterbox from stereoscopic sources
· The plugin automatically remembers the stereoscopic format of each video or TV channel
· It can be translated to your language from within the configuration window
· As with every MediaPort

What’s New in the?


The file mp3d_install_default.ini contains some default config settings.

The mp3d_install_default.ini file should be placed in the root of the plugins directory. It should contain the following settings:


You should probably remove the line [Settings] and add your custom settings before it.


The plugin is distributed as a *.zip package (one per language). Simply unzip it.

Then, add the folders mp3d_install_default.ini and mp3d_plugin to your MP3D plugin folder.


Just simply put a *.mp3d file in a directory, select it from the list and click “Play”
(you must install mp3d_plugin).

When the plugin is active, it will automatically detect the 3D format of the video or TV channel.

If you want to manually change the stereoscopic format, you need to use the “Stereoscopic Format” button.
You can also create and display stereoscopic subtitles using the “Subtitles” button.

If the subtitles are inserted in the movie, a button will appear at the top left corner of the media player.
When you click this button, the subtitles will appear.

It is possible to show the media in Letterbox by using the “Letterbox” button, when the correct 3D format is available.

To exit the player, click on the top bar “X” icon.

If you are experiencing some problems, try to remove the mp3d_plugin folder from the MP3D plugins directory.

Known bugs:
· If the Stereoscopic3DPlayer loads a video or TV channel, but then doesn’t work, it’s probably because you are trying to play a file which doesn’t exist.
· If you see that the media player stops working, make sure that the player is still open.
· If you play a non-3D stereoscopic video or TV channel, the player might display the 3D logo for a short moment. This happens when the plugin detects a false stereoscopic format of a file.

User Comments


“First of all, i like the fact that it works just fine in MP3D without the need of a 3DTV.
Secondly, the subtitles are very well rendered in 3D, while the videos retain a good quality without the need to use some sort of 3D TV.”

“Very nice plugin. It does what it is supposed to do. A must have plugin. It’s the best plugin i have ever used.”

“Just to show off

System Requirements For MP3D:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 2GB
Graphics: 1280×800
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 10GB
Additional Notes:
You may have problems using two monitors when you launch the game. If you do, you may need to disable one of the monitors in your display settings to stop this from happening.
It’s a very good idea to close other games and applications before launching Shifty.

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