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AutoCAD is part of the AutoCAD Product Suite, which consists of AutoCAD, Drawings, and a subscription service called Autodesk Elements. AutoCAD is a major component of the Autodesk Intelligent Workflow Software Suite. The user is presented with a new main application window when the application is first launched, containing a toolbar along with buttons for exiting the application, performing a task such as opening a drawing, or undoing a last action.

As of 2018, there are seven major releases of AutoCAD since 1984. The first AutoCAD release was for the Apple II, and the latest release is for the iPad.

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AutoCAD History Edit

The full history of AutoCAD is as follows:

The first version of AutoCAD was available for the Apple II personal computer in 1984. Two years later, the first release of AutoCAD was a desktop application for the Apple Macintosh computer.

An update of AutoCAD for the Windows 3.x operating system was released in 1989.

By the mid-1990s, the next major release of AutoCAD was for Windows NT and Windows 95.

AutoCAD for Windows XP in the mid-2000s.

In 2007, AutoCAD for Mac was introduced.

In 2015, the AutoCAD 2019 was released, with the first release for the iPad.

Versions Edit

AutoCAD has been released on the following platforms:

Operating System Versions Operating System Release Date AutoCAD Release Date Apple II (1984) Apple IIGS (March 6, 1987) AutoCAD (12.0) (February 15, 1989) Apple Macintosh (January 26, 1989) AutoCAD (12.0) (March 30, 1989) Windows 95 (March 29, 1995) AutoCAD (12.0) (March 1, 1995) Windows NT (October 19, 1995) AutoCAD (12.0) (March 2, 1995) Windows 98 (May 22, 1998) AutoCAD (13.0) (February 18, 1999) Windows XP (November 1, 2001) AutoCAD (13.0) (March 29, 2002) Windows Vista (October 22, 2006) AutoCAD (13.0) (December 11, 2006) Windows 7 (October 22, 2009) AutoCAD (13.0) (November 11, 2009)

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Other applications, such as Map3D.

2D and 3D features

AutoCAD 2D

AutoCAD 2D is a 2D drafting application for the Microsoft Windows platform. It uses the Microsoft Windows Runtime Component technology to run on Windows 10. Since its release, AutoCAD has been compatible with Windows 10 and later releases.

AutoCAD 2D was first released for Microsoft Windows in 1996 and received a design award from PC Magazine in 1998. It was part of the Autodesk suite until Autodesk acquired Alias in 2006 and changed the name to Autodesk Design Suite. In September 2013, the name was changed to Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture. AutoCAD 2D is now called AutoCAD Architecture.

AutoCAD 2D is the primary means of creating and editing paper-based 2D architectural drawings. It includes the ability to place dimensions, order of construction details, and the ability to draw scale-free, architecturally correct layouts. However, while it has many advantages over other 2D applications, it is limited to working on 2D design drawings that were created with AutoCAD 2D. It is not a 3D drawing application and cannot handle and edit 3D architectural designs. It does not include integrated architectural design and drafting tools, but in its place, it offers extensive 2D drafting functionality.

AutoCAD 2D for Windows uses the following internal coordinate system:

North up
East left
South right
West up

The user interface is based on traditional Windows and is designed to be familiar to users who have been using AutoCAD for years.

When creating a new drawing in AutoCAD 2D, the user can draw a polyline, use the rectangular selection tool to select the drawing area, and click to place a dimension. In addition to dimension placement, the rectangular selection tool, and the polyline tool can be used to move, copy, rotate, and edit a drawing area. The editing tools include the ability to create layers, cut and paste, move objects, change attributes, and remove layers.

A new user can view a feature of an architectural drawing by selecting the feature from the context-sensitive toolbar and clicking the “show” button. Using the show button, the user can also view the entire drawing, any individual component, and a specific detail of the drawing. The user can save an individual component

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What’s New in the?

Support for vRAPIDe, your free service for commenting on drawings. Comment in context, in real time, from any device.

Create and modify drawings without an Internet connection. All services and tools work offline, so you can continue working even when offline.

Explore and modify drawings with the new 2D views. Create, edit, add information, and print from 2D views that you can use as a document viewer.

Identify features and auto-re-size drawings. With the new 2D views, use your mouse to draw shapes and then instantly identify them, and select features or other objects as shown in the video. Re-size a drawing or add the height or width of any object to make your drawings faster.

Change tool type for documents and drawings.


CAD professionals can create their own unique settings that automatically lock the drawing when it is closed. (video: 2:55 min.)

Duplicate objects:

Accurately create and edit multiple copies of objects or entire drawings. Just press the Control or Shift key and select the items you want to duplicate. The selected items are moved to the Clipboard and ready to be copied again.

Simplify blocks:

Change the appearance of standard blocks to a more useful and streamlined form. (video: 2:50 min.)

AutoCAD Now (AutoCAD Legacy):

Multi-cad applications in AutoCAD:

Powerful multi-cad applications can be extended and enhanced by AutoCAD. Leverage both the AutoCAD drawing engine and AutoCAD GUI for powerful advanced drawing applications.

Create and publish maps:

Create and publish maps for AutoCAD drawings. Use the mapping tools to create new map sheets and add data to existing map sheets.

Create comprehensive 2D drawings:

Create large 2D drawings for AutoCAD from 3D or 2D drawings.

Collect, analyze, and distribute data:

Collect and analyze data in your designs with the built-in data tools. Create and publish custom worksheets or report documents in AutoCAD.

Quickly communicate:

Communicate all types of data in AutoCAD. Use structured data to send location and drawings to Google Earth and other applications, and see the information in real time on

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

CPU: 2.4 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics Card: DirectX 9 GPU
CONTROLS: Keyboard & Mouse
Network: Broadband Internet Connection
1. Install The Client
a) Download and install the client on your PC
b) Run the.exe file to install the client
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