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AutoCAD has experienced many changes throughout its history, and so there are many different generations of the software. A numbering system is used to help distinguish the various products. In this article, each generation of AutoCAD is called an “release” (e.g., AutoCAD 2018 and AutoCAD 2019). The numbering system is not aligned to the release dates. AutoCAD 2014 has the same name as AutoCAD 2015. AutoCAD 2017 was released in August 2017. The numbering scheme for AutoCAD 2018 and AutoCAD 2019 was changed in March 2018.

Note: The AutoCAD 2019 products are compatible with earlier versions of AutoCAD. Older versions may be updated to run on the new release of AutoCAD using the AutoCAD 2019 Upgrade Program.

The History of AutoCAD

Autodesk released AutoCAD in 1982. The name was chosen to reflect the balance between the computer and drafting elements of the software. The first version was developed on a microcomputer using an internal graphics controller, which was placed inside a drafting easel. The graphics controller provided pen-pressure feedback and a capability to select and move objects in real time.

There were three basic approaches to creating a CAD program in the late 1970s and early 1980s:

Drawing by hand—This was the dominant approach in commercial CAD programs. Each user sat at a graphics terminal and created his or her design on paper.

Programming by hand—Some CAD programs were created by hand, but a majority of early CAD programs were developed using programmed computers.

Programming with a graphics terminal—With the introduction of the microcomputer, software developers could create CAD programs with a computer and graphics terminal, or more commonly a “drawing board,” which combined a computer, a printer, and a graphics terminal (first two functions only, later also a plotting board or plotter). A drafting easel could be placed on the drawing board and a pen used to control the operation of the CAD program. Early CAD applications were written to run on desktop machines with an internal graphics controller, and CAD programs were run from a low-resolution (less than 300 dpi) screen.

Autodesk’s initial product was a drafting program called Foncad. Autodesk’s staff were satisfied with the prototype, but there were questions about how it would fare against other drafting programs, such as the leading program, Intergraph’s CAD-1, which was

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These plugins are usually developed by programmers who have extensive knowledge of AutoCAD Cracked Version’s API.


AutoCAD, Vectorworks, and Inventor support basic geometry calculations, and a limited number of geometry functions. The geometry functions are:
Buffer, Feature, Find, Point, Surface, Vector, Text, and Volume
There are two types of polygons: A closed polygon (a polygon that has no holes), and an open polygon (a polygon with holes).

Dimensions and mass

AutoCAD provides the following dimensions and mass:
Dimensions, including volume (length, width, depth, area, and volume).
Rates, including areas (volume rates, surface areas, and area rates)


AutoCAD’s algorithms consist of a large number of geometry, topology, linear algebra and numeric functions.

Graphics and rendering

AutoCAD supports the following graphics and rendering technologies:
Polygon fill and stroke.
Solid fills.
Pattern fills.
Text, including simple and advanced fonts.
Patterns and patterns.
The wireframe and hidden line styles.


AutoCAD has several text drawing and editing tools.

A text box can be resized.
A text frame can be displayed, hidden, or treated as a drawing object.
Text can be saved as a.DAT file and opened in a text editor.
Text can be placed at the current cursor location.
Text can be modified with the Text Editor.
The Text Editor supports clipboards.
Text can be imported into drawings from another text editor, or from a clipboard.
Text can be copied from a drawing to another drawing.
Text can be pasted into a drawing.
Text can be modified using the Text Editor.
The Text Editor supports “undo”, which can be applied to specific actions.


All features of AutoCAD can be controlled by the user interface (UI). The current system of GUI control can be modified to have more features, and is extended to cover features of other types of software. Some changes may be user changes (customization) and some are changes that are made by the AutoCAD development team. Some of the GUI controls are linked, so that the user control can open an action, such as create a drawing. The number of separate controls (icons) can be reduced by using widgets.



Open Autocad and click File – Open, or press
Enter the name of the keygen file (batchkey.exe) in the file name field, and click Open.

Click Yes to continue with your installation.


If prompted, enter your Autodesk username and password.

If prompted, enter your Autodesk license number.

Click Continue to install Autocad.

Further details are contained in the Documentation file included in the download, or you may contact Autodesk Support for more information.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Improved AutoCAD Editing:

Help and Information:

Open and edit a.dwg file from a web browser, without having to install AutoCAD or Acrobat on your computer.

Help and Information:

Discover all of the new features in AutoCAD 2023, including model-based drawing, increased surface, line, and drawing tools, water effects, enhanced editing features, and more.

Added to the features are numerous software updates and a number of improvements to the software.

A new standard workday and a robust help and tutorial system provide a simple way to learn the tools and features.

New and enhanced product lines support more workflows.

New support for the Cloud and Microsoft Surface.

Coordination with partners for current and new features.

New rewards and competitions to support our active community.

Learn more about AutoCAD’s new features at

A new standard workday and a robust help and tutorial system provide a simple way to learn the tools and features.

New and enhanced product lines support more workflows.

New support for the Cloud and Microsoft Surface.

Coordination with partners for current and new features.

Learn more about AutoCAD’s new features at

Add to File History

Changes to your CAD designs can be backed up to cloud service or local storage. Back up designs that have previously been sent to cloud service or to any local drive with AutoCAD Desktop Backup or AutoCAD Cloud.

Learn more about AutoCAD’s new features at

Implement CAD in the Cloud

Get a high-speed Cloud connection when working on AutoCAD for both Windows and Mac®. Receive notifications when your designs are ready to be shared.

Update tools and features

AutoCAD updates regularly to keep current with CAD trends and advances.

Learn more about AutoCAD’s new features at

Improvements to the Office and CAD Connectivity

Improvements to ensure the best possible CAD experience when using Office.

Learn more about AutoCAD’s

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