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The first AutoCAD was initially capable of only single-stroke editing, but has since advanced to 3D editing and multitouch support. AutoCAD, along with Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Revit, is part of the company’s broader suite of AutoCAD-branded offerings, consisting of AutoCAD software, subscription services, training and consulting, as well as Autodesk VRED engineering and design services and visual and intuitive design tools.

AutoCAD 20.0, released in April 2016, introduced the ability to edit 3D models with multiple strokes, giving users the ability to zoom and pan around the model, as well as making editing strokes faster and more intuitive. In April 2019, the company launched AutoCAD 360, a free, open-source viewer and editor designed for designers, artists and engineers. AutoCAD is part of the Autodesk Digital Design Suite, which includes AutoCAD 360, AutoCAD LT and Autodesk Revit.


Early history

AutoCAD was created as a free, educational version of AutoCAD LT, designed to enable universities and students to create and edit basic drawings, while giving them a functional, but relatively simple, introduction to AutoCAD. AutoCAD LT came out in 1985, after 3.5 years of research and development. The first five users were artists and architects at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), doing design studies of human-computer interfaces. The first design was a concept for a graphical language for describing architectural drawings. A prototype of this language was developed at the MIT Graphics Research Group in the late 1970s, using other systems, and distributed to the university’s several departments. This early implementation was not considered ready for widespread distribution.

The project continued at MIT Graphics for a few more years, then at a commercial studio in Boston called Corvus until the end of 1982. The first official release, AutoCAD Basic, was scheduled for release on December 16, 1982. This release was to have a free, 30-day, trial period, following which the company would charge a nominal price. AutoCAD Basic became available to the public on December 16, 1982. By January 1983, 17 of the 25 available departments had made a purchase. The first 20 users of the product were professors and students at MIT.

The standard AutoCAD Basic was eventually replaced by AutoCAD LT, released in March 1985. AutoCAD

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X-MATS (pronounced X-Maths) is an extension of the C++ source code for a graphing calculator application.

The original source code of AutoCAD was written in Pascal and shipped as a shareware product named Integer Graphics Utility.

C++ programming

C++ is an object-oriented programming language that is designed to ease software development and is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. Programming in C++ means writing C++ source code, compiled by a compiler. Autodesk releases C++ source code with the AutoCAD application. With the Release, 2012 release of AutoCAD, Autodesk released C++ source code for the entire AutoCAD application. With the release, 2017 release of AutoCAD, Autodesk released C++ source code for the entire AutoCAD application.

With release, 2018 release of AutoCAD, Autodesk released C++ source code for all of AutoCAD along with some custom functionality in custom libraries.

Adobe technology

The application communicates with third party Adobe technology called Adobe Technology services.

The API includes the following:

Application Programming Interface (API)

Application Programming Interface (API) is an application program interface (API) that defines the set of software services exposed by a software component or application. A software component may use software interfaces as a way to communicate with other software components or applications. A programming language and a programming framework may provide interfaces to applications, or the interfaces may be available as a part of the operating system.

Apollo (Axxess)

Apollo is a cloud-based enterprise app, which uses components of Adobe technology, such as AI, machine learning and deep learning, that can integrate with business apps such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and ServiceNow.


AutoLISP is a software-like language for programming AutoCAD. AutoLISP functions are contained within AutoCAD or a stand-alone add-on, and is used to provide custom functions in AutoCAD to solve specific problems.

AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD Architecture is a plugin for AutoCAD that allows users to create and import structural three-dimensional drawings of buildings and other buildings. In addition to the viewing capabilities, the plugin allows the user to navigate throughout the building model, as well as design.

AutoCAD Consulting Services


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Hide number input element if value is not entered in XQuery

I have a little problem with XQuery. I try to generate an input field with a number attribute. The goal is that the number attribute should be hidden if no value is entered.
I tried the following way (it works perfectly if there is a value in the attribute):

And here the problem starts: It does not work if I change the value=”${current}”.
The output code looks like this:

How can I get it to work?


I solved the problem with xs:boolean:

Altera maintains leadership position in South Korean silicon fab

With its flagship process technology, its leading-edge footprint and the highest-reliability process nodes, Altera is a major player in the world’s electronics manufacturing industry.

And it has never been stronger in South Korea.

“South Korea is one of the largest electronics markets in the world,” said Nick Foster, the company’s senior vice president and general manager for electronic and semiconductor products. “It’s a high-growth market.”

Altera has nine major clients in South Korea, including Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and SK Hynix. Of the seven semiconductor fabs operating in the country, Altera is the most advanced, employing the company’s FPGAs in a wide variety of applications.

Altera, the world’s largest provider of programmable logic, said the South Korean market is growing in sophistication and breadth. So far this year, the

What’s New In?

Save time when working on 2D drawings by automatically importing layer styles and dimension text. (video: 1:48 min.)


Experience Print Preview and print with confidence from an external 3D printer or scanner. (video: 2:40 min.)

Interactive 3D Drafting

Experience 3D drafts for any media, directly from the toolbars and context menu. Try out different angles in 3D, right from the toolbars.

Capture a workflow using interactive 3D drawing using 3D tools. See the entire design process in 3D, from drafting to collaboration. (video: 3:16 min.)

Code Editing

Edit code directly in the DWG or PDF file. View and edit your code in the drawing’s window, using tools and an interactive development environment.

Gain deep insights into your DWG and PDF files without opening the document or changing settings. View, search and navigate code directly in the drawing. (video: 2:32 min.)

Ink Tools

Attach and edit text on drawings or in files directly. Create and edit labels, titles and text on objects or surfaces. Also, create and edit pictures and links. (video: 3:02 min.)


Work with others directly in the toolbars and context menus. Request feedback from team members, or share and download their ideas and designs.

Share designs directly from the context menu or by email, or see comments and feedback in context.

Resolve errors and conflict points with intelligent, dynamic collaboration with others. (video: 3:16 min.)

2D Rendering

Bring a 3D experience to your 2D drawings and videos. Use the tools and the 2D ribbon to easily generate stunning visuals in 2D drawings and videos.

Enhance your 2D work with interactive 2D drawings. With the 2D ribbon, you can add objects, cameras and lights, connect edges or surfaces, and add layers. Make 2D enhancements without moving to the 3D tools.

Save time and make your design stand out in the 2D world with beautiful 2D illustrations. Add 2D content and objects, backgrounds and effects to your drawings and videos. (video: 2:07 min.)

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop objects directly to the drawing window. Drag objects from the Windows desktop and drop them in any 2D

System Requirements:

Sega Genesis, or equivalent.
Sega Master System or equivalent.
PC, console, or handheld system with a TV screen.
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