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Today's browsers are meant to mold themselves to our every need, allowing the storage of data to make browsing and enjoying Internet surfing in a way that is most suitable to our needs.
However, finding new material and interest can come to a sudden stop when you lack the imagination to figure out what else you may like.
That is where Tabitab comes into the picture, as it is a lightweight Chrome extension that syncs your emails, twitter, to-do and calendar to view your emails and meetings from your new tab in real time.
Easy Installation and usage
Like any Chrome extension, you don't have to do anything in particular to access it, although you must know that this is the type of add-on that acts more like a browser app than a separate tool.
This means that accessing the icon will open a new tab that has its own set of tools and ruleset than the other tabs.
One thing you should know is that given the nature of this tool, you'll have to permit it to use almost all the data stored on your browser that is attributed to a certain account.
Have all of your interests in one single tab
If you love being efficient in your browsing, then you 'll appreciate the way Tabitab brings all of your most used tools into one single tab, all filled with features relevant to your preferences.
You can use the tool to view videos that are powered by YouTube, read your emails, listen to music, get weather information, perform searches powered by both Google and Yahoo, play browser games and more.
All these features are carefully chosen based on whatever preferences are stored on the browser and the accounts on it, such as how your YouTube is linked to your Gmail account, and how it may be in turn linked to your Yahoo account.
Get the data you want from one single tab
While not groundbreaking in what it does, Tabitab manages to centralize pretty much all the features you use the most in a browser, making it easy for you to see whenever something new of interest may appear, be it an email, new video, song, game or news article.
This makes it an excellent browser extension for when you desire a truly customized browsing experience.









Tabitab For Chrome Crack + Download [Latest]

Tabitab is an extension for Chrome that allows you to search your Gmail and Yahoo emails, social media updates, and websites from one single tool.
It is a lightweight and efficient tool, but one that you may deem necessary as you keep up with the tides of the Internet and the information that is out there.
Bottom Line
Tabitab may not be the most amazing add-on for every kind of user on the Internet, but it does serve its purpose really well when it comes to giving you a single location for all your viewing material, in an easy and timely manner.
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Tabitab For Chrome Crack + Free Registration Code Free Download [32|64bit]

Tabitab is a lightweight browser extension that not only speeds up your browsing but also makes it possible to see everything you need to at once.
Use it to keep track of your social media networks, check your emails, read the latest from your favorites RSS feeds, bookmark your favorite sites, play your favorite browser games, and more, in a sleek and appealing fashion.
Keep track of your active accounts
Like any browser extension, Tabitab also synchronizes with your browser to display tabs for the accounts you have configured in your browser.
To access the tabs, use the search bar to type the various accounts.
You can set this up for any account such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Yahoo and many more.
Moreover, you can pin tabs to both the right and bottom of your browser screen.
Keep Tabitab up to date:
Tabitab supports any recent version of Chrome.
You can synchronize multiple accounts by installing the Tabitab Lite version.
Both the regular and Lite version are free and available to download for Windows, Mac and Chrome OS.

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Tabitab For Chrome With Full Keygen

Connect your Google and Yahoo accounts into one tab and view all your emails, tasks, calendar and more in one window.
Supported browsers: Chrome
You have to trust this extension, and we’ll explain why in our instructions below.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


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What’s New in the Tabitab For Chrome?

Tabitab makes it easy to view your scheduled calendar events in your Google Calendar, your recent unread emails in your Gmail inbox, as well as your Twitter and Facebook feeds.
Key Features:
– Load your emails and calendar events from Gmail, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar and Twitter in one single tab.
– Get the weather forecast from the web, through your Google Home, your iPhone, or through any other device connected to the web.
– Switch from the browser games to the high score to the comment pages.
– Use the word suggestion when typing in the browser to find relevant pages on the web faster.
– Stay connected to the web and the latest news with the latest news webpage pushed to you.
– Use the tool to view Videos powered by YouTube in your tab.
– See your websites information and your bookmarks in one single tab.
– Get a list of your most interesting sites on the web or favorites websites.
– Play games, or other browser games, within tabs.
– See what the web is talking about.
– Read your gmails, see the most popular pages on the web, and even see an image with the picture of your friends.
– See the count of emails in your gmail inbox in a new tab and have access to create new emails in one single tab.
– Set a chat on MSN, Yahoo or Google Chats to be sent as auto-responders whenever someone mentions certain words.
– Use the tool to create your own Chrome bookmark, which will then be saved on the Chrome browser and can be called from any tab.
Visit our official web site at to get the latest Tabitab versions, as well as additional great tools for the Chrome browser. Also, if you would like to get the latest web games, take a look at our web gaming section at


Yesterday’s browsers are meant to mold themselves to our every need, allowing the storage of data to make browsing and enjoying Internet surfing in a way that is most suitable to our needs.
However, finding new material and interest can come

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit) Processor: 2 GHz Dual-Core CPU or faster
2 GHz Dual-Core CPU or faster Memory: 2 GB RAM
2 GB RAM Graphics: GeForce GTX 460 (1 GB VRAM) or Radeon HD 5850 (2 GB VRAM)
Broadband Internet connection
DirectX: Version 11 or higher
Version 11 or higher Storage: 13 GB available space
13 GB available

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