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Main Features:
* Allow you to run selected applications on standard user account
* Can be configured to work fine with all versions of Microsoft Windows
* Can be configured to run all of the applications that you need
* Can be configured to run at system startup
* Safe, easy to use and security wise most suitable
* Easy to setup
* Easy to remember
* Run any program you want to run from a list
* Give you Administrator level privileges to the applications you run
* Easy to use and easy to remember
* Safe enough to be useful and powerful
* Super friendly GUI
* Can run from any user account, the user account has Administrator privileges
* Can run Windows native applications
* Can run any.exe,.com and.bat programs, not only run your usual programs
* Most suitable for home users

Application version number:
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP 2, SP3, SP4, SP5, 2000
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System Requirements:

Windows 8 64bit (Windows 7 32bit NOT supported)
Windows 10 64bit, Windows 8.1 64bit, Windows 7 64bit (XP SP3 NOT supported)
Windows Server 2008, 2008r2, 2008r1
Windows 7 (SP2) 32bit
Windows Vista 32bit (SP2) NOT supported
System requirements for Windows 7 Home Premium (SP2)

How to Install:

Step 1: Download the installer below.
If you

AW GoOn Crack+

AW GoOn is a simple, easy-to-use application that provides a GUI for using Linux as an “AW Service” (Admin User). It really simplifies the process of gaining Administrator access to software running under the Standard User account, allowing you to install and run software you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.
GoOn can be used to switch between administrative accounts in several software applications. Most notably, GoOn allows you to easily switch between administrative accounts in various third-party applications and utilities while working in your own account.
By default, GoOn can only run one administrative application at a time (while the software is running in your own account). This isn’t ideal because it’s a bit more complicated to switch to an administrative account when a program that GoOn can’t access is running (if, for instance, you’re having a problem with that application).
However, GoOn can be used to switch to a second administrative application (for example, after you’ve fixed the problem), and configure the application to run on a chosen account by default. GoOn can also be used to start some administrative software (such as Daemon Tools) under a chosen account as the standard user, and have that application run automatically upon login.
The features of the program are work-safe when used in a business environment, but nothing is designed to protect your system from unauthorized users or unintended effects. GoOn requires a standard account (that can log in) and an additional administrative account (for example, your “main” administrative account) as a special target. When working with AW GoOn, you can only access standard-user software, which means you can’t use the program to play games or run applications like that.
The default user account (that the program was originally installed on) is the Standard User account. This account can be switched to be an Administrator account by entering the “s” password once you are inside GoOn.
GoOn allows you to run a single administrative application at a time, but for some the user account interface might be a little too much overhead when working with a couple of administrative applications. Switching to the other administrative account is easy to do with GoOn, but if you don’t like the extra screens, you can just close GoOn (without logging out of your own account) and access the applications you need.
GoOn doesn’t provide a way to exclude certain applications from your standard user account, but if you don’t like using GoOn,

What’s New In AW GoOn?

AW GoOn is an add-on for Microsoft Windows that provides Administrator Privileges to certain selected programs. This can be useful if you are trying to run a program as an administrator on a workstation which normally does not have this level of privileges.
The list of programs is defined by you, and can be more or less specific. This is quite easy to configure and take changes. You can select up to 20 programs at the same time.
In addition to the programs you select, you will have the possibility to turn on or off the program Icons on the “desktop” menu bar, and the password prompt when you try to run a program.
GoOn can grant full administrator privileges to any number of selected programs. This means that if you try to run another user (Standard Users) program that normally you could not run, GoOn will be able to unlock this program for you.
GoOn is a very simple and easy to use application. After you define your authorization level, go on AWGoOn. It will launch and ask you to which program you want to grant the Administrator privileges. After you confirm it will request your password and only then will the chosen application be authorized for the administrator privilege.
GoOn is a lot more than just granting Administrator Privileges to your selected programs, you can also enable or disable multiple programs and set their icons on the “desktop” menu bar.
Require Administrator Password:
In order to work, GoOn will require the Administrator Password. GoOn will ask it at the first run, so you won’t have to type it each time you run an authorization profile.

The entire source code for the above described application is free to download and test. It is available on the sourceforge project site and consists of the following files:

AW GoOn.exe
AW GoOn.chm
AW GoOn_Data.txt

Technical information:
This version of AW GoOn doesn’t include the following options for:

Activation Key
Key Color

The AW GoOn application does work on computers running Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.


I had a similar need and found the following answer on the WinAce site:

Simple way to grant full access to an application to a standard user account without
Normally, in order to grant full access (or some advanced rights) to an application for

System Requirements For AW GoOn:

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Processor: Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 / Xeon
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Storage: 1 GB free hard disk space
Video Card: Intel HD Graphics 520, Nvidia GTX 1060
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Input: Keyboard and mouse
Additional Notes: A DVD/BD drive or a DVD/BD optical drive is recommended. The DVD/BD optical drive should be mounted at the front of

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