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A powerful camera and good pair of lens don't make you a photographer. Just like any other activity, a lot of practice is required and even so, there's a high chance not to capture exactly what you want inside a static frame. This is where applications like Beautune come in handy so you can adjust or enhance pictures, in this case portraits.
Neat file support and modern interface
The workspace put at your disposal sports a fresh, modern look about it, making accommodation a lot easier. Visuals are not the only aspect that help you out in getting familiar, with almost every tool being equipped with a tooltip that displays a short animated tutorial and corresponding details. A few presets let you practice before editing your own photos.
Sadly, drag and drop is not supported, but it's somehow good, because it's the only way to appreciate the amount of file formats the application can load. Amongst others, your pictures can be JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, PNG, CRW, NEF, SRF, PEF, ORF, RAW, RAF, DNG, MEF, and a few more types.
Enhance pictures and share on social networks
Further adding to practicality is the neat implementation of different editing tools. With the application targeting portrait editing, categories let you handle face, eyes, and mouth areas, with different adjustments to make for foundation, wrinkle removing, reshaping, eye positioning and resizing, applying eyeliner and shadow, as well as a whole bunch of general tweaks.
Editing is incredibly easy and intuitive, even if you ignore the small tutorials. All tools are based on a similar method, with a few sliders letting you handle brush size and intensity, with real time previews. Each time you access a new brush type, you're asked to apply previous changes so you can undo step by step in case of any major mistakes. There's also a button to bring up the original for comparison.
When heavy editing is done, accessing the advanced tab lets you apply a few more finishing touches. Different preset effects can be added, as well as a few frames for a unique feel. Saving is done under fewer formats than those up for import, but still abundant, and extra options to share on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.
In conclusion
All things considered, we can safely state that Beautune is a neat and powerful image editing application which is sure to come in handy if capturing portraits is your specialty. Although tools work with any kind of picture and content, dedicated implementation make it helpful for dealing with face-related inconveniences. It's sure to deliver impressive results at the cost of little time and system resources.


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Beautune is a free portrait editing application which puts all the focus on the beautifying of faces. Hitting the right spot can be a little tricky, but the application will make things easy for you. It’s quite intuitive and even the smallest things can be done with a small amount of modifications.
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Beautune Download PC/Windows

Beautune is a powerful and extremely intuitive image editing app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that is packed with all the features you would expect from its $1.99 price tag. With an extensive set of editing tools, you can make changes to your photos and share them on social networks, all without any coding.
Smooth UI and great interface
Beautune’s interface is minimalistic, but it’s very user friendly. Although the application is not packed with endless features, we managed to find a lot of usage within the first few minutes of use.
The majority of the tools can be found under the same “Portrait Editing” tab, where you can adjust facial features, from eyes, eyes and lips to face and hair.
The application is organized in a way that would be hard to miss any given item, with orange icons guiding you around their respective categories. With your portrait image open, you can access any tab simply by swiping on the screen.
The interface follows a pretty well-designed pattern that requires little effort to get used to. Its old-fashioned approach actually improves image quality and details when zoomed in.
Plenty of convenient filters
The available photo filters are just enough to lighten, darken, adjust saturation, and a few other minor tweaks to your pictures. They’re easy to use, making adjustments quick and straightforward.
On top of that, the filters can be adjusted in real time to get the perfect look for your image. Compared to other photo editing apps, such as Instagram, there are simply more convenient, responsive filters.
With the photo quality automatically increased, in this case from 4 megapixels to 20, you don’t even need to perform any sophisticated adjustments.
High-resolution preview
Perhaps the biggest distinction of the app is its high-resolution preview. It allows you to make adjustments to every level of detail, from the actual image itself to filters and effects.
Thankfully, when zooming in, the application doesn’t drain your battery, and the quality remains constant so you can make adjustments at the forefront.
Editing tools are second to none
Although its UI is minimalistic, Beautune is packed with plenty of editing tools, including: Face editing, Eyes, Lips, Borders, Shadow, and Highlight. It’s far from being a photo editor, but it’s closer to a dedicated desktop app, and that’s exactly why it can become so handy.
There’s a lot to work with. The application can handle almost

Beautune Crack+ [32|64bit]

Beautune brings straightforward, simple yet high performance photo editing to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Produce a professional-looking portrait with a few taps. Beautune will provide you with the necessary tools to edit professional-looking portrait shots of your friends, family or even yourself.
What’s New in Beautune 3.1.9:

3.1.9 – New minor bugfixes
3.1.8 – New minor bugfixes
3.1.7 – Beauty improvements
3.1.6 – Bugfixes and improvements
3.1.5 – Fix a bug which would cause low-luminance pictures to lose more than 20% of their detail
3.1.4 – Adds some minor beauty improvements
3.1.3 – New minor bugfixes
3.1.2 – Fixes a bug which would cause the app to crash if its database couldn’t be updated. If you hadn’t made use of our “Force Update” feature, you’ll need to run the app once after the update is installed.
3.1.1 – Fixes a bug which caused the app to crash if its database couldn’t be updated. If you hadn’t made use of our “Force Update” feature, you’ll need to run the app once after the update is installed.
3.1 – Adds a new feature: “New Portrait” feature. See below for details
3.0 – Major overhaul. Now completely rewritten from the ground up. It’s still Beautune, but better!
Beautune is the most intuitive and feature-rich portrait making application available for iOS. Try our intuitive, yet powerful photo editing application and produce a professional-looking portrait with only a few taps. Beautune will provide you with the necessary tools to edit professional-looking portrait shots of your friends, family or even yourself.
Beautune Features:
Beautune provides:
– A powerful, yet simple toolset for portrait making: eye area, nose, mouth, eyebrows, cheeks, lip area, foundation, wrinkle removing, reshaping, eye positioning and resizing
– Multiple ways of skin selection: You can simply tap on the desired area or select it by using Brush, Quick Selection or Brush Picker (for lower luminance photos)
– Presets allow you to quickly create a professional portrait look
– Ability to apply a Basic Filter
– Unlimited Undo
– Auto Slider
– Many other standard features you would expect from any

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Have you ever dreamt of an easy and simple Photoshop alternative for your iPhone? Then Soft4Boost Is Your Search End Here! It’s a wonderful all-in-one tool that lets you deal with tons of various tools and processes to make your images look stunning and professional. It’s a powerful image editor, photo clone, photo frame, batch processing, canvas, and more at a few taps. Soft4Boost Photo Editor is one of the best iPhone photo app for professional photo editing and very useful for all iPhone owners. So lets get started and look at Soft4Boost Photo Editor features:
1. Powerfull Camera RAW Editor
Soft4Boost Is A Powerful App That Allows You To Use The RAW Camera Mode
Soft4Boost Is A Professional Photo Editing App That Allows You To Edit Photos And Video On The Go. The Interface Of Soft4Boost Is Advanced And Easy To Understand. Most iPhone users know that RAW Files Are The Raw Material When Taking Images And Video. RAW Format Allows You To Create The Perfect Images By Improving The Quality Of Your Photo Or Video Editing. However, Most iPhone Users Don’t Have The Time Or Skills To Dig Deeper In To An iPhone’s Hidden Camera RAW Mode. Before Trying To Edit Your Photos You Must Be Sure That You Have Camera RAW Editing Capability.
Soft4Boost Photo Editor Has A Built-in Editing Capabilities That Allows You To Edit Photos On The Go. So You Don’t Have To Be A Pro To Create Amazing Photos.
Soft4Boost Provides You With High Quality RAW Photo Editing Processes.
Soft4Boost Is A Powerful Photo Editing App That Provides You With An Amazing Editing Experience.
2. Powerful Batch Processor
Soft4Boost Photo Editor Allows You To Create Awesome Batch Processing In Just A Few Clicks. Batch Processing Is The Same As Multiple File Processing In Photoshop. You Can Batch Process Lots Of Photos And Create Awesome Images At A Single Time. But Soft4Boost Photo Editor has a special feature that allows you to batch process RAW Cameras. Try To Image This Concept, Lets Create A New Batch Processing Folder And Add All The Photos You Want In The Folder. Then Just Click On The Batch Processor Tool In The Menu Bar And Choose File or Folder
3. Photo Cloner Feature
Take Pictures And Then Edit Them With A Different Feel.
Soft4Boost Has A Powerful Photo Cloner Feature. After You Take A Picture With Your iPhone’s Camera It Will

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