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Prevent Disk Sleep 2022 [New]

By leaving your hard disk awake for longer periods of time, you can help it to keep better conditions, thereby extending its lifespan.
Use the right Windows settings to prevent your hard disk from entering sleep mode!
Exclude your disk from sleep mode and secure reliable response times.
There’s a handy utility for that!
It’s a straight-forward way to prevent a hard disk from going to sleep!

Note: This utility is supported by Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008, Server 2003.
And indeed, Prevent Disk Sleep is the best utility available in terms of functionality and ease of use, as well as its small footprint. It offers a few convenient tweaks that are not available with other similar tools, though the downside is its limited configuration options.Q:

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According to the description of that tag on Meta Stack Overflow:

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How do I get a list of cluster members using MSAG for Azure?

I’m using MSAG to create a storage account for Azure, but I can’t seem to figure out how to view the member list.
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Prevent Disk Sleep Crack Free For PC [Updated-2022]

This software prevents the HDD disk from going into sleep mode to save on power and extend the life of the hard disk.

If you are familiar with the Google Chrome browser, then surely you may have heard about the Google Chrome Data Saver. It allows users to cut the load time of pages by reducing the amount of data they initially download. Its purpose is to reduce data consumption for all users. However, the tool isn’t limited to Google Chrome. You can use it with other browsers as well.
What if we are talking about the HDD disk? The question surely comes out: Can we also reduce data consumption for the hard disk? The answer is – yes.
The program is created by different developers. It has been known to be released by different people, but it is equally difficult to find a common thread. The tool’s usage is completely free, it seems. Its primary objective is power and money saving.
Furthermore, there are some other programs available on the market for the same purpose. However, they bring problems. First of all, they affect other files by writing temporary ones.
The program has no need to do so. Secondly, the programs replace the files that currently exist on your disk with new ones of a specified name. Not surprisingly, you may find that these files become corrupt without notice and cannot be easily recovered.
The program’s aim is completely different. It doesn’t have any need to modify existing files. The temporary files it creates are generated on the fly. They contain random, unique names that are generated when you press the “Start” button.
The program is simple to operate. It’s very easy to install, too. The program comes in a ZIP file and it’s a single executable file (well, a few of them, but none of them are really necessary).
Apart from the application’s interface, it provides a very useful feature. That’s the file monitioring component. If the program detects that any of the files is missing, then it will try to create it in the scheduled time. And if you wish, you can choose the directory where it should be saved too.
The application’s interface is nothing extraordinary, but it works in a similar way to the one used by the program UFUSoft FileWatcher. This program creates a new file when any content change is detected. However, the problem with UFUSoft FileWatcher is that it cannot create files on external disks.
Nevertheless, Prevent Disk Sleep might not be as successful as

Prevent Disk Sleep Crack+ License Code & Keygen

Simple to use and configure.
Runs smoothly even on low-spec systems.
Performs disk writes and synchronizes with the date & time.
Implements disk sleep prevention features and a timer.


First, open the Task Scheduler, by using right click and go to Run -> open.
Now, click on Create new task in the menu that shows up and click on Browse…
Select Program and click on Next
Type in the below:


And click on the Start button

If you want to

enable the Command line option,
add a password
more about how to use the utility,

click on the Edit the created tasks… button.

Finally, click on the Advanced Settings button.

For the password, follow this guide:

Open a command prompt (CMD, right click and go to run as administrator)
Type the following:


Click on OK at the command prompt.

Then type the following in the command line:


You can also specify the command line to run:

C:\Utilities\wd32DisableHddSleep.exe /silent /nocontinue /po

If you get this message:

Windows Update is being checked for updates.

Then you need to click on the OK button on the Windows Update dialog to start the process.
Note: Disable Hdd Sleep command line option works if you want it to run automatically at system startup. You can add the below line to the created task.

C:\Utilities\wd32DisableHddSleep /v

To delete the created task:

Right click on the task and click on Delete

Or, you can also do it via the console:

sc delete wd32disablehddsleep


You can also specify where to save the created task

In the Text box, type C:\Utilities\wd32DisableHddSleep.exe /nocontinue /po

Press Enter and in the text box, type in a name for the file, and press enter

Go to File -> Save

Select All Files (*)

In Save As

Type in the below:


Press enter to

What’s New In Prevent Disk Sleep?

• Work quietly at your computer
• Detect and log every disk write
• Creates a text document at your mouse click
• Stop any disk operation
• Free and easy to use
• No installation required
• No configuration options
• Instantly available
• Tiny size
• Work silently at your computer
A simple configuration is all Prevent Disk Sleep needs in order to work optimally. It can detect any disk operation when it runs and automatically create a plain text document with timestamps, regardless of whether any particular file is accessed. You also have a setting to let the application autorun at system startup.
Another option is to stop any disk operation at will. You’ll find it right in the main window and can easily choose the disks to be shut down. On the same note, you can specify an interval during which the utility will not be writing to any specific disk, as well as have it create multiple files.
Prevent Disk Sleep is a minimal application that serves the purpose of working silently at your computer without spending your time or resources setting up anything.
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