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School Rumble Season 2 English Dub Torrent Download


School Rumble: 2nd Semester (TV); Translation: Jesus Espy (Spanish dub); Spanish cast; (none) ; Italian staff; Dubbing Director: Davide Garbolino, Livio Maurer (Italian dub) Release Date: November 17, 2014 (Nickelodeon Channel)
The life of the twins Enrique and Ennio is tense to the limit: they are forced not only to go through life hand in hand, but literally do not spill water. At first, their parents were against it, but then they reconciled.But one day, their first love appears in their lives – Antonio Fonte (Enrique) and Gabriela Rubbia (Ennio), who became their first true love. The further time goes, the stronger the attachment and mutual attraction of Enrique, Ennico and Gabriella becomes. The boys fall in love with their childhood friend. However, the twins’ carefree life comes to an end when Enrique finds out about the family that his parents created in order to get rid of his older brother, who was already a grown man. In this struggle for the happiness of her parents, Enrique will have to face the responsibility of choice, which is not always easy to accept. In the new season, you will not be able to miss all the vicissitudes of this story, in which there will always be room for drama and intrigue!
Cast: Enrique Serkis, Victor Garber, Richard Caracle, Jesuel de Fucay, Davido Garbolini, Livia Racon, Merelli Meredith, Miranda Labelle, Patricio Barjas, Gianni D’Amato, Manuel Eduardo Mestre, Eugenio Reta Nunez, Daniela Rozin, Allison Vergelis Gonzalo Halls, Robido O’Hondo Release date in Russia: March 31, 2015
Cast: Carolina Ray, Madeleine Hubert, Jacqueline Bisset, George Bruno, Joshua Brizet, Mark L. Smith, Valerie Chambers, Michelle Piñonis, Jeremy Maine, Doug Hammond, Rob Stewart, Luke Nicholson, Del and Jean-Claude Dugger in Russian: 01 October 2014
The film is based on real events. English couple Dane and Gale Archer have decided to leave bustling Londo for good



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