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udpsz (UDP size spoofing tool)


tool for UDP size spoofing, no source spoofing, with multiple choice of IP address, and with custom sizes


./udpsz -d -s 1234 -a -i 1 -p 11 -t /foo/bar

Spoofs a size 1234 bytes UDP packet to source IP address port 11 and spoofs the content of the packets to text /foo/bar.

Misc Screenshots of the app:

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Funny Screenshots:

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Photo: Courtesy Of Brian Hockhill/Brozow Productions

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UDPSZ Crack+ (Final 2022)

–dets , (default: 0)
Detect UDP checksum errors using a simple
Default: 0 (disable the UDP checksum
–dest , (default: ‘’, for
testing only, ensure that UDP packets are
not routed, don’t reach the IP address)
Specify the destination address for UDP
–no-check (default: no check UDP packet
checksum), (recommended: all packets are
checked for accuracy)
Disable UDP checksum checking (recommended
for all packets).
–udp-size , (default: 1500 bytes)
Set the size of UDP packets to be sent.
–udp-content , (default:
‘test\0’, of which a regular packet will be
at least one byte)
Set the content to be sent with the
UDP packet.
–udp-src , (default: , for
testing only, ensure that UDP packets are
not routed, don’t reach the IP address)
Specify the source address of the UDP
–udp-ip , (default: , for testing only,
ensure that UDP packets are not routed,
don’t reach the IP address)
Set the IP address to use in the generated
–udp-port , (default: , for
testing only, ensure that UDP packets are
not routed, don’t reach the IP address)
Set the port to use in the generated

RENIUS: packet generator for UDP checksum errors detection, usage: screnizer [-c ] [-d ] [-q] [-s ] [-o ] [–no-check] [–udp-size ] [–udp-content ] [–udp-ip ] [–udp-port ] [–protocol ] [–no-rtp] [–no-sctp] [-f] [–help]

Renius is a program that will generate UDP packets

UDPSZ Crack +

Send UDP packets of 1/4/64K bytes with custom source address, source port, size and content.
The application is able to spoof the source IP address and optionally, spoof the source port, the packet size, the header, content and the payload.
UDPSZ Main Options:
-size : Set packet size (1/4/64K bytes)
-pktsize : Set maximum number of packets (1/4/64K bytes)
-contents : Set custom content.
-port : Set UDP source port.
-sport : Set UDP source port
-ipaddr : Set UDP source address.
-srcport : Set UDP source port in spoofing mode.
-header : Set custom packet header.
-payload : Set custom packet payload.

I created it to check if, given the correct UDP filters, DPDK packet size options and other formats the output packets are the expected ones.
In the following example, the command line arguments have been set to

udp_size = 16384
packetsize = 16384

the output packets are correctly formatted,

and, in a different test, the packets are wrongly formatted,

Some disadvantages of the application:

The -ipaddr and -sport options don’t work with the spoofing option (because it will be tested against the source port).
The application only allows/disallows spoofing of the source port, and not the source IP address.
There is a limit of 65536 (more than 4k) of custom packet size (in addition to DPDK packet size limits).

UDPSZ usage example:
UDPSZ -size 16384 -pktsize 16384 -contents “ZED” -port 8101 -sport 8102 -ipaddr

UDPSZ -size 16384 -pktsize 16384 -contents “ZED” -port 8102 -sport 8101 -ipaddr -srcport 8102

UDPSZ -size 16384 -pktsize 16384 -contents “ZED” -port 8102 -sport 8101 -ipaddr -srcport 8102 -pay

What’s New In UDPSZ?

UDPSZ is a simple command line UDP packet sender tool.
A typical usage could be :
./udpsz -c 0 -t 10 -s -i -d -p 567 -s range -t 10 –tx –rx

-c : is the number of characters to transmit
-t : is the time to wait for the delivery (Default: 0 = no timeout)
-s : is the destination IP address
-i : is the destination port (Default: 80)
-d : is the target IP address (Default:
-p : is the target port (Default: 567)
-a : spoofed IP (included in the target IP address)
-q : spoofed port (included in the destination port)
-r : spoofed port range (included in the destination port)
-s : is the source port
-t : is the transaction timeout in seconds (Default: 0 = no timeout)
–tx : is the To address
–rx : is the CipAddress address
–timeout : the timeout in seconds to wait for the transaction to complete (Default: 0 = no timeout)
–ports : To check if a destination port is open or closed
–range : CipAddress (inclusive)
–hostname : localhost
./udpsz -c 0 -t 10 -s -i -d -p 567 –tx –rx
./udpsz -c 0 -t 10 -s -i -d -p 567 –rx –tx
./udpsz -c 5 -t 10 -s -i -d -p 567 –tx –rx
./udpsz -c 10 -t 10 -s -i -d -p 567 –tx –rx

System Requirements:

– Intel Core i5-2500 or better
– 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended)
– 800 x 600 or higher resolution
– 50GB HD space
– OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10 64-bit
– DirectX 9.0c Compatible Card
– HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intuit\Sugar\1.3.1\ScriptOptimizer\EnableFirstStageOptimization must be set to 1
You can download the latest file from here.


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