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VolumeShaper 2.4.1 Crack+ Free PC/Windows

VolumeShaper is a comprehensive plugin, part of the ShaperBox suite, that enables you to tweak the levels of audio signals to the very detail. Providing a visual approach to volume, the VST extension can help you obtain numerous creative musical effects, ranging from the tempo-synced stutter and multiband sidechain compression to precise sample-shaping and extreme gating.

The plugin can be used for a wide array of productions, including to create an accurate volume curve for synth or drum sounds. According to the developer, you can set it to trigger the newly created sound when a specific MIDI key is reached. In fact, you can come up with different curves for bass, mids and highs, regulate levels for snare, hi-hat, or anything else with just a few clicks.

Moreover, you can shape different frequency ranges independently, create stutter and tremolo effects or limit the modulation to specific frequencies that are introduced to any point of the timeline.

Considering that it is part of a suite, it goes without saying that you can use it on its own. On the other hand, if you are aiming to come up with an elaborate, multilayered effect for your mixes or audio samples, then perhaps you can consider checking out the other shapers provided by the developer.

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VolumeShaper 2.4.1 Crack+ License Key (Final 2022)

In a nutshell, VolumeShaper is an innovative visual tool that can be used to tweak the volume of samples, synths or other audio signals to the detail. The plugin works for all audio and MIDI sources.
The plugin provides a visual approach to level change and you can easily get the general audio level without any harm. It helps you master the sonic details and apply tight modulation on frequencies of your choice. In fact, you can enable different presets to trigger levels of the specific parameter you are tweaking. Thus, you can shape frequency ranges independently.
You can use it to create stutter and tremolo effects, limit modulation to specific frequencies that you introduce to different point of the timeline, shape beat, pitch and tempo settings to the sample for instance, or to apply the system to as many tracks as you like with just a few clicks.
Moreover, it is part of the ShaperBox Suite and can be controlled via its comprehensive GUI. To this end, it is easy to manipulate the algorithm according to your preferences and the plugin comes with an extensive range of control parameters.
VolumeShaper Key Features:

The VolumeShaper offers a wide range of control parameters, such as the type of the plugin: sample, synth or MIDI. Moreover, you can take advantage of parameters such as the reference point, the target level, the master tempo, the fade parameter to tweak the audio signal to the desired volume.

Another important parameter is the key release. As the name suggests, this is the time interval that you can release the key of the instrument when the MIDI is raised or lowered. You can easily increase or decrease the value of the key release parameter to regulate the volume of the audio signal to fit in perfectly with the new velocity level.

VolumeShaper Pros and Cons:


The plugin is easy to control due to its comprehensive GUI.

The plugin provides a wide range of control parameters and is simple to use.

The ShaperBox suite is only available for Mac.

The plugin is part of an extended suite and is suitable to be controlled via its comprehensive GUI.

VolumeShaper Editor Features:

You can adjust the peak values, the number of peaks, the threshold parameters and the saturation limits to see the tone you are aiming for.

The algorithm can be visualized in the graphical format as well as in the traditional text format.

The plugin comes with an extensive range of sound effects to help you get the effect

VolumeShaper 2.4.1 With Serial Key

Komaketech Audio Ltd. has announced version 2.0 of its popular plugin, Komatone.
A high-quality sample-shaper, Komatone 2.0 offers a highly configurable audio effects and processing pipeline with a comprehensive set of features, including both pre- and post-processing, such as harmonics, reverbs and delays, as well as convenient automation, synchronization and integration with both virtual instruments and samplers.
According to the company, the new version has three major new features. First of all, Komatone can now process both stereo and mono audio. Secondly, the tool also offers a multi-CPU support and a new automation system, with 1-, 8-, and 12-stage automated cross-fades. Thirdly, Komatone 2.0 can load in.aiff and.wav file formats and now comes with a new preset manager, new incoming audio mute, in-time and out-of-time sampling, a proportional modulation for the filter amount, an infinite loop, and numerous internal audio processing features.
All these features make Komatone a powerful tool, ideal for instant multi-purpose sound effects with multiple filter modes, such as a digital delay, parallel reverbs, and a new expansion module (further features will be included in the next update), plus some audio-processing filters and processing effects, such as reverb, chorus, flange, glissando, and more.
Furthermore, the developer has managed to reduce the CPU load to just 6% of the resource usage of Komatone 1.5x, as well as improving the performance in the proprietary COM object runtime.
Komatone 2.0 is free to download and install, and compatible with all Windows versions from XP to Windows 10. For a list of the plugin’s features and requirements, please refer to the official site.

The free M-Audio Ozone 18 is an easy-to-use interface, which features a built-in 2-in/2-out audio interface that can be used as a stand-alone interface or be connected to your computer to record and control software instruments. The Ozone 18 comes with a DAC that enables you to hook up any audio interface and record external equipment, such as microphones, guitar cabinets, etc. Also, this interface can be used with Windows computers only.
You can listen and record to your computer speakers and headphones, control master volume and route audio to/from other audio apps

What’s New In?

Providing an advanced and easy to use interface, VolumeShaper is an excellent VST plugin for audio tweaking. Rather than relying on manual adjustment, this plugin leverages the power of Spectral Shaping Technology to produce high-quality sonic results. An improved ShaperBox algorithm analyzes the audio signal at each stage to avoid unexpected pitch shifting and other distortions.
This advanced VST shaper plugin comes with a comprehensive set of presets. The included premade drum and bass presets allow you to create a wide range of options to suit your style. And like all the other included presets, this volume shaper plugin is capable of adjusting the volumes of mono and stereo audio signals. Thus, it allows you to dial in the highest and lowest level with ease.
The VST ShaperBox volume shaper plugin is capable of shaping any frequency, allowing you to manipulate audio at every stage of the signal path. You can control the overall tonal balance, create distortion, and manipulate sample rates to affect the audible elements in the desired manner. If you want to add more depth to your sound, you can use the included side chain compression for added effects.
The VolumeShaper allows you to control the following parameters:
• Apply A*B roll-off filter to meet any required curve
• Set the sub-oscillator that sounds are controlled by
• Set the exact filter cutoff value
• Include any number of side chain effects
• Set up the sample rate and destination audio device
• Choose a number of input and output sample rates
• Alter the filter mode, attack and decay time for the filter
• Set the center frequency as desired
• Set the modulation depth and center frequency for the side chain filter
• Set any side chain effect parameters
• Adjust the filter sub-oscillator
• Alter the phase and amplitude value of the envelope generator
The VolumeShaper volume shaper plugin is available for $29 USD. To learn more, visit the developer’s site.

Working in Chrome since 2016. Anything that is possible in Safari and Firefox should also be possible in Chrome. Too bad Microsoft doesn’t support it.

ShaperBox is a suite of premium production tools for composers, producers, sound designers and sound engineers.

The interactive waveforms, audio meters, equalization, and time stretching / pitch correction tools are a great help to them.

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An Audio Mapping plugin for

System Requirements For VolumeShaper:

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 / 8.x / 10 (32bit / 64bit)
Processor: Dual core or higher processor
RAM: 2 GB or more
Hard Disk Space: 2 GB or more
Graphics: DirectX 9.0
DirectX: Version 9.0
Input Devices: Keyboard, Mouse
How to Install/Uninstall Game:
Game installed using “Self-extracting archive”.
No Game installation required, no set up and nothing to setup. It’s just one click and


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