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Andanzas De Patoruzu Cbr Reader


Vegeta De Patoruzu comedia Cbr
Patoruzu Las bolsas de plástico (1960) – Book Cover
Patoruzú de historia de la nación, el origen de y de la correria de y de la patria de.
Isidoro Nº 1 (Libro).Q:

Embedded Image in C#

How can I embed a base64 image in the source code of a windows forms form project in C#?


Don’t embed it. Use a resource.


You can also use the System.Drawing.Image class. All you have to do is put this code in your main form class:
Bitmap bitmap = new Bitmap(@”image.bmp”);

You don’t have to put the string in quotes, and you don’t have to put the @ or (or anything) in front of it.


You cannot embed the image into the source. However, you can create a resource file of the image and reference it with the data string in the following manner:
Data[“D:\\base64.png”]; //Base 64 string

Or you can create a binary stream:
MemoryStream stream = new MemoryStream(new byte[1234]);
//…Put content of image stream here

Then you could either use this content directly and do:

or use the Convert function of the Bitmap:
Bitmap bitmap = new Bitmap(stream);

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