Visustin V7 Pro Edition

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Visustin V7 Pro Edition


… Higher price, longer free trial, but also pro support..

Free, with commercial support
Visustin v7 is a flowcharting application for Microsoft Windows. It is released as a part of Visustin. The Visustin application can create flowcharts on Microsoft Office 97/2000/XP, MSN Messenger and VB, MFC, and also for the programming languages VC++ and Visual Basic. Visustin v7.01 Pro Edition..

Home Visustin v7 can also be used to create flow charts for programming languages supported by Microsoft Office Visustin.
Visustin Pro.. The program allows creating flowcharts, including complex ones, for any programming language supported by Windows, including VC++, Visual Basic, and MFC.

Commercial, with commercial support
Professional is a larger program, but again, it is also more powerful, can support flowcharting of applications written for the OS/2, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh platforms, and it is much faster at creating flowcharts. Professional includes the flowchart IDE, and offers higher levels of functionality, such as the ability to create flowcharts and classes. Visustin Professional.


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Visustin on SourceForge
Visustin download at SourceForge

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TCP / IP PC / NetBIOS. file creation, from this Microsoft Project, from Visustin v7 Pro Edition,. this Visustin also supports MS Project 2007.. the Visustin Pro Edition program can import the PIM-PW and Nav.Q:

Drawing circles in polar coordinates

I want to draw circles in polar coordinates, where the center is at the origin and the radius is set to a finite number. I have the following code (if using TikZ)

\draw (0,0)
node [right] {$\sin(x)$};
\draw (0,0)
node [above] {$\cos(x)$};
\draw (0,0)
node [above,rotate=60] {$-\sin(x)$};
\draw (0,0)
node [below,rotate=60] {$-\cos(x)$};
\draw (0,0)

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