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# Direct selection Direct selection is needed to select a specific part of an image. Even with the image pixel-by-pixel, a quick click with the Direct Selection Tool (the white arrow in Figure 13-3), located on the left side of the image window, selects a small area of the image. You can reselect this area to define it more precisely. Photoshop gives you four different selection modes to indicate the type of selection you are doing: * **Rectangular (or marquee):** This selection is made by clicking a corner of the image and dragging a straight line with the cursor. Click the start or end point of the line to finish the selection. The marquee selection automatically extends to any object found along the path you create. You can reselect the selected area with the Select command and then redraw your path. * **Lasso:** This selection is like a marquee, but you draw a freeform line around the edge of an object. The selection automatically extends to any object found along the path you create. * **Elliptical (or lasso):** This selection is similar to a lasso except that you draw a circle instead of a straight line. * **Magic wand:** The _Magic Wand_ tool is similar to the lasso selection tool. You draw a square, circle, or irregular polygon, and the image is automatically selected inside the area you define. FIGURE 13-3: The _Direct Selection Tool_ is located on the left side of the image window. You can also select specific areas of an image using the Channels panel, as shown in the left image in Figure 13-4. In the figure, you see the document window, which includes the Layers panel on the left side. Using the Channel Mapping tool, you can click on any RGB (red, green, and blue) channel and Photoshop automatically selects the corresponding area on the photo. You can reselect the selected area, or

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Screenshot: Adobe Photoshop continues to evolve to be more user-friendly. With a number of updates and releases in the last few years, there are many ways to approach the software. This article looks at how to use Photoshop on macOS and how to use various Photoshop application modes, a powerful tool that can help create complex edits and enhancements. From applying layers to using nodes and smart objects and from saving your work to crafting HDR images, you will learn about a number of Photoshop features. Learn about the five application modes, layers, adjustment layers, smart objects and HDR. Unlock even more features with Photoshop CC 2020 and later. Read our guide to get all the details. This guide may seem overwhelming if you haven’t used Photoshop before. However, with the right applications and knowledge, the software is easy to master. If you’re looking to make beautiful work quickly, Photoshop can help. Use Photoshop on macOS Photoshop’s interface is intuitive, so you can start editing and creating your own edits right away. It’s simple and straightforward to use, requiring only a few clicks to get started. You can add and edit layers, apply adjustments, create custom brushes and do much more. You can access Photoshop to edit photos or create new ones. You can also use Photoshop to create collages and text effects. With time and practice, you’ll learn how to use each of Photoshop’s application modes to achieve specific editing tasks. Each mode has their own editing tools, settings and other features, and they all work the same way. You’ll learn to use each one efficiently and effectively. Most of the features we’ll describe in the next sections work on the Mac; however, some settings and tools may be specific to the latest macOS Mojave update. Photoshop on macOS is typically accessed through the Mac App Store app. However, if you have downloaded Photoshop, you can use it through your computer’s file system. Get Adobe Photoshop, Creative Cloud, or Photoshop Elements. You can also use a browser to open a web-based version of Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop (and other Adobe apps) are always updated, so you may not need to download software to use the latest version. Create and edit photos with Photoshop on macOS You can use Photoshop to edit images, including portraits and landscapes, and to create new photos. You can also create collages of multiple images, use graphics in your a681f4349e

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? The Eraser tool allows you to paint, erase or brush over areas. It’s used to erase an unwanted background on an image, for example. The Gradient tool allows you to create smooth and curved transitions. It works by creating a color gradient between two colors. This allows you to create gradients that are not just a straight line or a curve. The Hand tool is used to draw or paint on the image. It allows you to use two fingers to draw or paint on the image. ? The Healing Brush tool is used to restore detail. It selects pixels that look similar to the pixels that you brush over and blends the two together to create smooth results. The Liquify tool allows you to stretch and warp the shapes in an image. You can use it to manipulate photographs of people and objects. ? The Pen tool allows you to draw in the image. You can use the Pen tool to draw shapes on an image. You can even draw on an image while in layers to create live effects. The Pattern tool allows you to define a repeating design in your image. You can use it to create patterns for titles, headers and buttons. ? The Stamp tool is used to duplicate an existing area of the image. The Text tool allows you to add text and type. There are a variety of different tools that allow you to create text, including: The Auto Color tool allows you to automatically adjust the colors in an image. The Type tool allows you to add text. You can add text anywhere in the image including text over another image or over a transparent layer. ? The Vector tool allows you to add paths, shapes, or other geometric objects. You can use it to add forms to an image or to create stamps. Paint. Photoshop’s default tool. You can apply colors, use the Brush tool to paint, or apply other effects. Photoshop’s Default Tool The Brush tool allows you to paint and apply colors and patterns, effects and textures to an image. You can paint over an existing image, or you can create new layers to work on a different area of the image. ? The Eraser tool allows you to paint over an image, erase or brush over areas, and to erase an unwanted background on an image. You can use the Eraser tool to clean up images, erase mistakes, and erase backgrounds. You can use a brush with

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The Pen Tool is the default tool of the Brush and Pen Tool. It can be used to draw and shape objects or highlight areas of an image. The Magic Wand is used for selecting contiguous areas of color within an image. You can quickly paint a selection around any object. Hair and Beard Tools are powerful brushes for drawing and styling hair and beards. Windows: A guided brush lets you create a brush that follows a specific path through your artwork. This can produce very precise results. I started out in web design because I had no talent for drawing and I wanted to be creative. I found Photoshop quickly and realized that it was like the toy of my dreams: I could draw all the things I loved to draw, and I didn’t have to worry about the whole business of making money. I started drawing patterns and designing and just had fun. Photoshop became my drug, and I soon found myself spending more time as a designer than in school, or waiting tables, or any of the other jobs I had done before. Photoshop also taught me how to be a true artist. It didn’t matter if it was Photoshop or your grandmother’s brush and palette, as long as you used them both, you could become a true artist. But I began to see that there is more to design than the art itself. I was surrounded by art directors, art directors who were very talented and creative in their own right, but they also had to do a lot of other things — make sure the other designers were adhering to style guidelines, make sure they were being efficient, even come up with compelling visual strategy for the website. It was in situations like this that I realized that Photoshop or any design program for that matter, is just one tool to do the job. In a perfect world, the visual designer has a very close collaboration with the art director and the development team. But in reality, all of these people are responsible for design, and it’s not as easy as one person doing all of the work. I’ve worked with clients who have told me, “We just hired the design firm. The graphic designer is working with the art director and we just need them to produce the design. Now they’re going to figure out how to plug into the website,” but there’s a lot more to it than that. A graphic designer, in an ideal world, is involved in a lot more than just doing the Photoshop design. It’s not

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Requires 3.5GB of hard drive space. Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT 4.0 DirectX 9.0c Software: PROMIS (version 8.4.x) The client application will allow you to run all of the PROMIS statistical tests and visualizations available on the PROMIS website. We recommend that you run the software on a high-speed computer with at least 1 GB of RAM and an 800×600 resolution for best

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