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This tool works like Free Transform, except that it’s bound to a mouse action instead of a keyboard shortcut. See the next item for more on the mouse action.

3. **Lasso**. Use the freeform lasso tool to select objects and isolate areas of an image. A dotted line indicates the shape of the object that you’re selecting.

If you’re using the Lasso tool in a multilayer image, you can use the Shape Selection option (see the box on Using the Lasso Tool). This option selects the entire image from which the lasso shape is drawn.

4. **Quick Selection**. This tool enables you to select an object or a group of pixels with a click or a press and then quickly drag over a selection border.

Adobe Photoshop Cc 2021 Free Download Full Version Download For PC


Welcome to our list of the top Photoshop downloads. Download the Photoshop you need for your OS.

Table of Contents

To help you find the Photoshop you need, we have sorted the Photoshop downloads by category.

Choose a category to jump to:

Comparison Table

The differences and similarities of two similar products to help you decide which one to get.

All Products

The all products table is a complete list of products that we have compared. This table contains a comparison of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, along with the system requirements and most important features of the products.


Speed is one of the most important aspects to measure when you are choosing a product.


Software includes the OS, browser and other applications. These items affect the performance of your computer.


Ease of use is the ease to start with, or the amount of time taken to start with the program.


Features are important to measure when you are choosing a product. These are the core items in the program.


Compatibility lists the versions of the operating systems and browsers that are supported by the product.

User Reviews

User Reviews are a great tool to use to read user reviews about a certain product.

File formats

File formats are the extension of a certain file type. A file can be in multiple formats. These are the formats that a product can open, and which format the product saves as.


License lists the license of the product.

Note: If the product offers a perpetual license, the information will state so in this table.

Special note: The Wix website also offers free Photoshop tutorials and articles on various Photoshop topics. So if you have a question about a Photoshop topic, you may also find the answer by searching for the topic on Wix, or by viewing our free Photoshop tutorials for beginners.


Adobe Photoshop is the most widely used graphics editing software around. It comes with many essential tools. The Photoshop Elements version is an alternative to the professional Photoshop, and does contain most of the tools that the professional version has.

Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are the best products when it comes to editing images. They have many features and tools to edit images, but the difference between the two is the price.

Adobe Photoshop is a professional product that is very complicated to use

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When you draw with the Pen tool, you can select the background color as you draw. The foreground color, or color used to draw shapes, is usually black. The finished drawing is in the background color.

* **Text** **** **tools** – There are two Text tools in Photoshop: the Type tool and the Text tool.

The Type tool is very useful for creating text, menus, and other documents. The Text tool is best for creating both plain text and outlines. When you finish creating a document, you can simply click the “Draw” command on the Tools panel to insert it. A panel appears on the right side of the screen where you

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