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For an excellent free guide for beginners, visit ``.

Photoshop supports most of the standard image editing techniques, including color correction, sharpening, and manipulating images. (For more information on Photoshop’s core features, see Chapters 4 and of this minibook.) You can access any of the features that are linked to from the Tools panel.

You can open a document, a Photoshop file, in Adobe Photoshop Elements as well as any other type of image file with support for layers or channels. The interface may look a little different, but the core features are there and are the same.

There is a learning curve when you first start using Photoshop Elements. However, it’s possible to create advanced images using only the tools on the Expert panel (the ribbon at the top of the screen) without requiring access to the entire Photoshop Elements interface.

Photoshop Elements 12 offers a variety of editing tools and a new “Depth of Field” feature that automatically adjusts the focal point of an image based on the distance of objects in the scene.

This chapter helps you to get the most out of Photoshop Elements 12 and the newest Photoshop CS6 software for getting high quality photographs and editing graphics.

If you’re starting out with Photoshop Elements, the 12-tutorial DVD, found at ``, will teach you some of the basic drawing and editing techniques used in this book, so you can get started on your travels to fame and fortune without having to know how to use every feature of the program.

## Adjusting Color Using the RGB and CMYK Mixing Colors

In Photoshop, each layer has a separate color mode. The most common is RGB mode, or color mode for red, green, and blue. Each color mode applies a distinct color algorithm to the image. (It’s important to remember that different color modes use different color algorithms, and colors in Photoshop are stored using a 24-bit RGB number that is similar to a number of colors in a traditional paint palette.)

Each color mode has a different purpose, depending on the types of images you are editing. For example, if you need to make a black-and-white image, you want to use the Black & White dialog box. If you want to create a color image, you need to use the RGB color mode or create a layer that uses a CMYK

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Adobe Photoshop was created in 1994 by Thomas Kinkade, a California artist who sold his company, Kinkade Graphics, which creates art for the home, to Adobe for $52 million.

In 2005, Thomas Kinkade’s daughter, Mary Ann Kinkade, and her husband bought the company back, but in January 2011 the company suffered from a $150 million loss.

In January 2011, Adobe announced the acquisition of Kinkade Graphics. At the time, Adobe said the purchase of the graphics software company was “strategically aligned with our plans to invest significantly in our Consumer Experience business”.

In 2013, Kinkade Graphics was moved to the Creative Cloud division of Adobe, enabling any new Photoshop Elements releases to receive updates at no additional cost. Also, any new versions of Photoshop to receive updates to Photoshop Elements and vice versa.

An image of a human face

Pixels (picture elements) are the building blocks of digital images and may be represented as a square grid composed of black and white dots. Every dot is a specific location for an image on the canvas.

Pixels are the smallest block of a digital image and is typically between 8 and 20 pixels (in RGB color mode) in size. The digital color space for images is in 16 bit (a value of 0-65535) or in 32 bit (a value of 0-65536) which is usually presented as an eight-bit integer.8 bpp or a twelve-bit integer 1.2 bpp. Every pixel can be represented by 12 or 256 values.

Adobe Photoshop Elements – A Layers panel.

A layer can be thought of as a piece of glass: a flat and transparent sheet where each piece of glass represents a new perspective of the image. Each layer sits above the other.

After an image is composed, it can be divided into smaller units, called Photoshop Elements, by placing a new layer on top of the original layer. Each layer can hold a combination of various objects from one of the following types:

– As a default type, an image is placed on the first layer and all other ones are placed on layers below.

– A group is a collection of layers all of which have been set to the same opacity value and have been grouped together. A group can contain as many layers as needed. A group is useful when you want to change the opacity of the group rather

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System Requirements:

Intel x86 compatible processor
OS: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
40 GB available space
Broadband Internet connection
NVIDIA GeForce4/AGP/VGA compatible graphics card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Microsoft Silverlight: Version 5.0
Web browser: Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9 and Firefox 3.5.7+
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