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_Figure 2-15: A complex portrait of Robert DeNiro at age 36 that uses image transformations and lighting techniques to convey a realistic 3-D effect and tilt the image._

While Photoshop is great for fast and easy manipulation, it does have some shortcomings. It is mainly a vector-based program with some raster-oriented editing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the same features as some of its competitors, so you may miss some of the features others can provide. Additionally, Photoshop isn’t free software.

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Elements’ menus are clearly marked on the left side, and the right side features a 3-D slide bar that you can use to scroll through different tools. Some of these tools include the Brush tool, Adjustments panel, Styles, Filters, and Adjustment Brush.

With Adobe Photoshop Elements, you can transfer images from a digital camera or scanner to your computer. You can also use the camera feature to take still photographs. You can also open and edit raw images from your digital camera.

Among Photoshop’s most important features is the ability to perform basic tasks like erasing parts of an image, cropping, rotating, and taking action shots. You can also use these features to clean up images in Elements.

Elements’ Adjustments panel lets you adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure, and saturation of an image.

Adobe Photoshop Elements lets you use the Focal Point tool to pinpoint the exact location of the focal point in an image. You can use it to align images, adjust color and contrast, and more.

The Cleanup tool in Photoshop Elements lets you erase blemishes, unwanted items, or both from photographs.

Adobe Photoshop Elements can also open RAW photos.

Here is an overview of all the best free photo editing tools for photo editing for computer, smartphones, tablets, and more.

7 Best Free and Photoshop Elements Software Tools for Editing Photos (Mac & Windows)


If you prefer to edit images using a photo editing software, you will probably find GIMP an easy-to-use, powerful, and yet free tool to use. It’s mostly used for photo editing but it can be used for other types of editing, too.

GIMP is a powerful image editor. It can open most image file types and allows you to edit color and other features of images. You can also merge multiple pictures into one.

You can use it to crop, resize, rotate, adjust the brightness, contrast, and more.

You can also use color effects such as displacement, dodge, burn, saturation, hue, and more.

The GIMP features an easy-to-use interface. It is also quick and responsive. It’s the best photo editing software for beginners as well as advanced

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