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Introducing the interface

After you launch the program, you can see four windows (see Figure 7-2):

* **Photoshop Window:** This dialog box includes the Photoshop application and displays the programs and Photoshop’s various features and functions. This is where you start the most common editing tasks. For more on editing, however, you need to switch to the Basic Editing workspace window.

You have no need for any other workspace. The Settings dialog box, which appears when you click the Window button, is also your best bet for setting image-editing preferences.

* **The Arrange Panel:** This panel contains the tools you use to arrange and design your image.
* **The Layers Panel:** The Layers Panel enables you to perform actions on image layers.
* **The Image Panel:** The Image Panel enables you to use tools to format and fill your image.

**Figure 7-2

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Adobe Photoshop Elements is a total imaging solution consisting of a digital camera, a camcorder, a scanner, a color printer, and a digital photo frame. It includes tools such as the ability to add or edit text, create a contact sheet, add a greeting card, improve the image by changing its contrast and much more.

In the following sections, we will discuss a wide range of ways Photoshop Elements can help you edit photos or create images.

How to Use Photoshop Elements for Editing Photos

This section shows you how to edit photos with Photoshop Elements. The following steps are the way I use the software to edit photos. If you feel more comfortable with another program, you can change it to suit your needs.

Before you start editing photos, you should create a copy of them. If the original image appears unstable, it is best to make a copy of it first. Also, make sure you have enough space on the computer because Photoshop Elements always loads new images, even if they are already open.

Import Images

Photoshop Elements is a great tool for importing images. You can use the Import function on the File menu.

TIP 1: Import Images or Save as PDF. Normally, you will find this function in the Window menu.

The next step is to select the folder in which to save the imported images. If you plan to use these images as a collection for printing, it is best to save them in a special folder.

TIP 2: Folder. The folder in which the images will be saved. Make sure you choose a folder that is not in the root of your hard drive.

When you import images, Photoshop Elements adds a new file to the current folder. It also adds an index for the images. This index file is used by the program to recognize the images. The index file is a compressed archive file that uses a file compression algorithm called LZ-X. This algorithm keeps the folder space small and allows you to quickly access the images.

TIP 3: Index. The index for the new images created with Photoshop Elements. You can open the index in the Files menu, or select New to open the index in Photoshop Elements. When you import new images, they automatically go into the same folder in which the previously imported images were saved.

If you need to copy images from one folder to another, you can use the Import Image As command and select

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Objects allow you to create a shape, picture, or path and assign it functions. They are among the most useful tools in Photoshop as they allow you to create clean, but slightly abstract textures on images. If you want to learn more about them read our article about Pixel Art.

Tools for text and image editing

It is common for designers to use Photoshop for image editing purposes as well as for creating designs. To create designs we can use Vector graphics created by Illustrator. These allow you to edit and resize the image pixel by pixel.

Photoshop, like Illustrator, has various tools to create and edit text. You can use them to create typographic designs, logos, and canvas based designs. This is why Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are the most popular design programs, as their designers use them regularly.

Blending Modes

Brushes make it possible to paint on images, but Photoshop has a variety of tools to allow you to define how the pixels of the image blend together. You can blend pixels in a variety of ways.

The most popular is the blend modes, which differ from each other in the way that the different blending effects work.

Structure of a Blend Mode

First of all, let’s get into the details of Blend Modes.

The Blend Mode controls the way pixels interact with each other. It is best illustrated with a simple example:

Let’s assume that we have a rectangle. We can put the following shape inside it:

We can see that the Rectangle has gone transparent (although its background colour is white) and the Black circle has changed the colour of the rectangle’s pixels.

If we leave the circle transparent, we get an interesting result: the rectangle has gone transparent, but it is still visible.

We have covered this example in a lot of detail to show how Blend Modes work.

Blend modes work by creating different rules to blend pixels. These rules are what define how each pixel will be affected by different types of blending.

The default blend mode, set as the default blending option, is Normal. This means that Normal blend mode allows any pixel that has a non-zero alpha value (that is, a value from 0 – 255, where 255 is pure white and 0 is pure black) to remain as is and to create a new value. If a pixel has no alpha (that is, a value of 0), the other pixels

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