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The simulation will feature new systems including real-time foot-to-ball contact, player collisions, ball physics and more. It’s expected to deliver new features and upgraded multiplayer aspects.

Assess your general playstyle, and conduct a profile of your players through options such as a “Create-a-Player” option that allows players to create their own player model. This will be the first time players are allowed to create an entirely new custom player identity, with their own jersey and personal kit.

FIFA 22 will also feature extensive FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) content within the game, with new updates and additions based around themes and key moments from the year. This will include new features such as new branding, new personal kits and new vinyls.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team added many features and new components from the core game, such as “Player Experience,” “Create-a-Player” and “Athlete Trainer.” New systems will allow for even more in-depth customisation and gameplay, with even more elements to be improved and added.

]]>Microsoft release new Xbox One dashboard updates
Wed, 13 Jul 2017 09:30:00 +0000 dashboard features that will release this year have been released by Microsoft ahead of the launch of the next Xbox on Friday.

The company made the announcement on its website, where it stated that there are more new dashboard features and improvements coming to the Xbox One console this year. The new features include “accessibility options,” which has been in testing, as well as new ways to “reconnect easily with friends.”

“Xbox Live is going to look better and feel even better in 2017,” said Phil Spencer, head of Xbox. “And we’re going to deliver an Xbox One experience that’s more accessible and more intuitive and fun.”

[aquote]Xbox Live is going to look better and feel even better in 2017. And we’re going to deliver an Xbox One experience that’s more accessible and more intuitive and fun.[/aquote]

According to the press release, some of the features will be available on the console


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Player-Motion-Controlled Animation.
  • Enhanced ball physics based on player-motion.
  • Realistic ground and goal surfaces.
  • Direct dribbling.
  • Unrivalled Player and Team Creation.
  • Real Player Ball Control.
  • Improved ball travel.
  • Reflection and Intuitive Edge Touch Movements.
  • Matchday support.
  • Full 20/20 Vision.
  • Multiple global and local camera views.
  • Competitions, Cups and Leagues.
  • Online Leagues and tournaments.
  • Live scouting and Fantasy Drafts.
  • Local 2-player co-op and online play.
  • New kits.
  • New licensed kits.


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FIFA is a game that brings together all the skills, emotions and strategies of real-world football into a deep and immersive simulation game. Fans watch, play, cheer and scowl just like the real thing. FIFA lets you live the dream, starting with building a career, leading a team, competing in a big tournament or playing as a superstar.

The FIFA video game franchise has sold over 140 million copies globally, making it one of the most popular sports franchises in history. The FIFA game engine delivers some of the most realistic player animation in any sports game with fully realistic dribbling, ball control, footwork, and player reactions.

Top game features include:

Football (FIFA) – Create your own player in Career Mode or take over the reins as a pro in Manager Mode.

Live Free Or Die – Choose from over 20+ real teams and compete as an online, offline or co-op free agent in MyClub.

FIFA Ultimate Team – Build your dream team from tens of thousands of players across more than 400 real leagues.

Online – Take on rivals in the new Co-op Seasons mode where you can work together to qualify for league and cup glory.

Offline – Practice your club skills in myClub where you can play any and all modes with friends.

The new Co-op Seasons and MyClub modes were demoed at the FIFA 20 event today. The showcase featured content never before shown in a public demo.

FIFA 20 featured a host of improvements and game-altering changes that set the bar for an even bigger FIFA on every level. Starting with gameplay, FIFA 20 featured new camera angles, completely remastered controls, new dribbling moves, deeper skill cues, lower physics settings and a host of other features. The game also introduced various enhancements to the MyClub FIFA community, including MyClub Insider, which brought all MyClub and MyClub Pro players access to additional features and features like news, photo uploads and profile updates.

New features that have been added since the launch of FIFA 20 include:

Add-Ons. To reflect the massive increase in popularity of the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode and fan additions in the recent years, there are now more than 3,000 Player Add-Ons available to purchase.

MyClub Insider. MyClub Insider is a new service that will unlock exclusive content for all MyClub and MyClub Pro


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Make your Ultimate Team your own in the ultimate football game. Create your club, select your formation, hone your tactics, and invite your friends to play in FUT. With a deeper, more immersive experience, FUT takes the game’s popular manager and player cards and puts them to the test in live, in-depth 5v5 matches played in packs.

FIFA Ultimate Team Squads –
FUT Ultimate Team – Squads is the place to learn, to play and to interact with new and old FIFA Ultimate Team players. You can now customise your squad, from adding or improving your stars, to picking your formation and playing as you choose. As well as competing in 5v5 action in packs, FUT Squads is also home to the Ultimate Team Management (UTM) window, which brings you all the key statistics, news, features and game updates.


My Clubs –
My Clubs is the ultimate place for FIFA Online 3 to keep track of your clubs from your favourite team. From overviews of how you’ve progressed in your career, to updates on your transfer targets, check out the live scores and stats to stay on top of your favourite club. Plus, look back on how you’ve performed, compare yourself to your rivals, and enjoy the 4-star lifestyle at Club HQ.

My Transfers –
Build your dream team with the help of My Transfers, featuring a slideshow with the latest footballers available for transfer. So get your scouts on the job and discover the footballing jewels that could land in your team.

My Pro Clubs –
Not ready to start a new career? Your old club remains waiting for you in My Pro Clubs. Interact with your players on the pitch, manage your own transfers, and check out your players stats to find out how your old club is doing.

Revamped FIFA Points –
You can now redeem FIFA Points for players, kits, stadiums, and more! Create a squad in FUT Squads, build your stadium with Rejuvenate mode, and help your Club with all kinds of FIFA Points – from freshening up your badge to performing community service for your supporters.


Friendly Scores –
Friendly Scores – The Community Scoreboard means you’ve got a great chance of winning every time, even when playing against your friends. Friendly Scores also helps eliminate deadlocks, keeping


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Clubs that are announced – along with their kits, stadium and sponsors
  • In-game Pro Labs – make full use of all the new features of the game engine by using Italia’s Virtual Reality Lab, Sweden’s VR Studios, SAP’s 2K Sports Research & Human Interaction Lab, and the Foundation’s Sports Fusion Lab.
  • Unreal Engine 4 – FIFA 22 uses the latest version of the industry standard engine, allowing us to tap into the most current technology, like Physically Based Rendering (PBR), advanced cloth, realistic specular, and many more. This results in more consistent and lifelike graphics and heightened immersion in the game and the action.
  • New animation engine – enables players and clubs to physically feel more realistic as they move. This is on top of new animations, like foot tackling, head to head, and physical reactions to the ball going out of bounds.
  • Reworked Attacking AI – Each of the five teams in the game uses a different style of attack and formation, ensuring players can always find the best strategy for their preferred style of play.
  • 10 Vision System – The League allows for numerous visual adjustments to make further modifications to player attributes, such as height, possession, change of direction, skill rating, and weighting.
  • Swinging Saves – Virtually replicates the incredibly realistic movement of falling and sliding, providing realistic “swinging save” animations. There are two new positions in the game where the goalkeeper can physically move to save the ball – the Box-To-Box and From-Box, which enables a new type of save for goalkeepers, giving them a shot to the ball when it’s just played short of the goal line.
  • Brand-New License Terms – All in-game assets are created by EA SPORTS to reflect specific brand guidelines, such as EA SPORTS’ look and feel on apparel worn by players throughout the Matchday Experience; upgrades to the Team Builder; brand aesthetics and marketing content in the Ultimate Team Skill Games, such as stickers and store banners; artwork for the in-game models and kits; and more.


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EA SPORTS FIFA helps players express their creativity in unique ways by creating experiences that empower players to bring their individuality to their gameplay. EA SPORTS FIFA inspires players’ passion for soccer and enables them to express their creativity through gameplay.

FIFA is a history-making franchise. It is the best selling sports video game franchise of all time with over 100 million copies sold, and has received several “Game of the Year” honors. FIFA is a part of the EA SPORTS family, alongside Madden NFL, FIFA franchise and NHL®.


• FIFA Ultimate Team Mode features the most comprehensive pack of players ever released in the FIFA franchise!

• FIFA Live Events brings a new standard to EA SPORTS titles with all of the competition, excitement, and drama of a live soccer match experience.

• EA SPORTS FIFA 22 introduces an entirely new set of gameplay systems to give players a deeper, more rewarding experience.

• New features include defensive assignments, new dribbling controls, new player celebrations, and other innovations.


THE NEW WORLD OF FIFA – • FIFA Ultimate Team Mode features the most comprehensive pack of players ever released in the FIFA franchise!

• New FUT packs provide players with more choice than ever before. Real world players will be available through FUT packs while premium players can be purchased from the in-game store.

• With over 15,000 player cards already released, players can expect to find several of their favorite FUT players in the game. The number of different cards in the game is also constantly growing, which means that the more packs players purchase, the greater their chance of finding their favorite players in the game.

FUT WEATHER – The FUT Master League features the most-watched and exciting soccer league on Earth with players and fans from over 50 different countries participating in this historic 12-month competition. For the first time ever, FUT weather provides the best match-day experience ever with a progression of weather effects that significantly impact performance.

• The best players in the world will get their hands on a global trophy, but only one, will be crowned FIFA FUT World Cup Champion and FIFA FUT Club World Champions.

SEE THE WORLD – There are now over 1 billion possible different player cards in the game, more than ever before! In addition to the more than 30 million player cards already in the game, this new pack of content


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